Yesterday I paid $115 dollars to take the GRE test on September 13th. I am excited about having something to study for, and also feel like I am actually doing something productive with my life. The only bummer is feeling that old guilt of procrastination. I haven’t really felt that in a while, and am worried that this pit in my stomach will be there until September 13th. Last night, for example, instead of going home and hitting the GRE book, I went tanning, and made plans to see Charlies Angels. After those plans didn’t pan out, I figured it was already too late in the evening to get started, so I watched all 4 episodes of this season's Project Greenlight, then went to sleep. lame-o. at the time it made sense, but then I woke up with this "o shit, one day down the drain" feeling. So - that is something I will need to work on.
I am still in love with HBO direct. Thanks to that, I am now addicted to project greenlight. I was never into the first season, because I felt so embarrassed for that guy making the movie. It was an uncomfortable show to watch. For any of you that are following this season - here are my two cents:
1. I thought it was funny when that one D&D dude was interviewing, and JLo walked down the stairs and he was like "uh, sorry - I am a little distracted by Jennifer Lopez" and Ben of course just smirks.
2. In fact any time Jennifer Lopez made it into the shot, or was name dropped - the camera would go back to Ben's face, and he would be smirking...
3. I definitely do not think they should have picked that directing team. duh. I pick the blond dude.
4. I am not so sure they should have chosen that story either. seems to American beauty to me. It would have been fun to see what that blonde dude could have done with the stripper movie.
5. I like that Chris Moore guy. Chris seems like the type that will search his name on the internet - so; Hey Chris Moore - ask me out. simple as that. Thanks.
Alright that’s all I have to say about project greenlight. I have like four stories that I am working on right now, but they have no endings. Plus, I have to study - so my posting might not be as frequent as it should be. Shame on me.