I just asked Robin, -my affluent 8 year old of a friend- what she did for Thanksgiving. Envisioning sugarplums dancing in my head, she surprised me with:
"I went to lunch."
(I burst up laughing.) "oh G-d, that is so Manhattan of you! I love it, how wonderful!"
"Why are you laughing?"
"Because typically people get together bake a turkey, make stuffing, and have a group experience. You, on the other hand, went to lunch."
"Well there was turkey there. It was kind of like a buffet I guess."


I guess this would be my favorite balloon from MTDP History.
I would like to interview/test someone that works in grocery checkout.
I am interested in the fact that grocery checkout workers have to memorize numbers in association with produce. They have codes for everything: asparagus, apples, lettuce, spinach etc.
So it would kind of be like an association/imagery project of sorts. I would like to put a carrot, a head of iceberg lettuce, and a brussel sprout on a poster; and see what they might be able to come up with (in terms of random numbers). It would be a new form of free math. A type of movement that really has no relevance anywhere other than subjecting nature to commerce or commerce to nature.
Whichever is more powerful, I am guessing only time will tell.
A little pop culture moment:
real world/road rules blog.
Ace has a website.
Puck's website.
The Miz. (this one is the best design-wise.)
The annoying Christian kid on the Guantlet.


Last night, my friend tole me that Red Bull is made with Horse Semen. Ewe.
I really don't understand why the Concord was put to a halt. I mean, it seems like a step backwards.
I forgot to tell this lame story that happened to me on the bus home from JFK the other day. It goes a little like this:
So, I get on the airport bus, and realize that I have a LGA ticket, as opposed to a JFK ticket. I then realize that all I had on me was Euros, so I couldn't pay the difference. It was late, and this mistake was holding up the bus. People were cranky. This gentleman two seats ahead of me turns around and says "look, what's the difference? This is ridiculous!" He then pulls out a wad of cash and starts pushing dollar bills in the bus ticket takers hand. I just sat there stunned because A.) I was tired, and B.) It was all happening to quickly for me to object. So he pays the guy. We take off on our journey home. I thank the guy, and the guy just shrugs it off. So whatever.
Quiet busride home. We all arrive back in Manhatter.
As I am exiting the bus, I put my hand gently on his shoulder and reiterate how thankful I was for him paying the three dollars, and that I would really like it if he had a great night, and to get home safely.
He looks at me with a face that read "dude, I am so going to heaven for this. I am practically Christ." face, and says: "Pay it forward."

Now why did he have to go and ruin the moment for me? huh? He ruined everything with that, so instead of asking him for his address to mail the money back - I just laughed and said "ah, it's good to be back." (in America, that is...)
After the Separation
A story of formerly conjoined twins, who are dealing with the recent divorce of their parents.
This girl is posting about her new life in China.
Fun stuff. A trip to the Conde Nast Building...


Last night Jeff said that he went to Ellis Island with this guy that couldnt stop singing "Immigrant Song" on the boatride over. I think that is hilarious. I would like to do that. "Come from the land of the ice and snow...." its perfect. Then we envisioned the song be played whenever the Riders of Rohan appear on the screen.
Fun stuff.
radiohead trying-to-be's: muse


The foggy countryside of Ruthin Wales. 2003.
Toby Maguire is the Tom Hanks of our generation. Has that already been said? Probably. It's so obvious.
Warning: I am currently living out a Led Zeppelin revival. So for the next two weeks I might just drop random facts about Led Zeppelin, and subject you all to Zeppelin MP3's.
So anyway, a couple of days ago I typed that I thought Peter Jackson should play Zeppelin's the Battle of Evermore during the credits. Low and behold - I just found this website about the comparisons between Zeppelin and Tolkien!!! Thrilling. Read up.


My current favorite song is Over The Hills And Far Away(Page/Plant) (4:42) I was reading around and some nerd said that the Lady reference in this song is actually a direct refrence to the Ring in LOTR.

Hey lady- you got the love I need
oh Maybe- more than enough
oh Darling Darling walk a while with me
- oh you've got so much-

Many times I loved
Many times been bitten
Many times I've gazed
Along the open road.

Many times I've lied
Many times I've listened
Many times I've wondered
How much there is to know.

Many dreams come true
And some have silver linings
I live for my dream
And a pocketful of gold.

Mellow is the man
Who knows what he's been missing
Many many men
Can't see the open road.

Many is a word
That only leaves you guessing
Guessing 'bout a thing
You really ought to know
You really ought to know
There are those who read and quote,
and there are those who think and make quotes.
Felicia makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


While I was in Liverpool, I had the opportunity to attend the opening reception for the "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" show at the Tate Gallery. The show was absolutely captivating - showing famous works by some of my favorite artists Yves Klein, and Joseph Beuys.
Anyway. Yoko Ono had an installation there called "imagine peace." Basically she covered a white room with various maps from around the world. In the center of the room are stamp pads on a pedestal with stamps that read "imagine peace". I diligently stamped Kenai, Alaska.
Before you enter the room there is a table with a bucket full of white "imagine peace" pins, and three documents:
1. "Imagine Peace" by Yoko Ono
2. "Document of Nutopia" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono
3. "Peace Event for John Lennon" by Yoko Ono.
The third document is scheduled for February 18th, so I will write more on that when the time nears.

So. Since today is the company Thanksgiving lunch, I was thinking it would be a good idea to spread the word. So I apporpriately dressed in black, and am wearing a fun "imagine peace" pin. For those of you that work with me - I have made copies of the first two documents, and they are at my desk if anyone is interested in picking up a copy for themselves.
CORRECTION: You can submit your comments on the designs by clicking here:

I would like to urge everyone to please check out the World Trade Center Memorial finalists now showing their work downtown at The Winter Gardens at the World Financial Center. I don’t see any place for the general public to vote – but it would still be cool to at least see what is up for consideration. So far, my favorite is “Passages of Light,” the cloud representing a tear in the sky – however I highly doubt that will win the competition. I predict that “Reflecting Absensce” with 30ft deep pools will win the competition.

Here are images from my Favorite:


I would like to propose that Peter Jackson play Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore" while the credits role during the finish of the best trilogy in the history of filmmaking. Do you think he has cut the background music on the credits yet? Perhaps I should shoot him a memo.
I had a moment on the plane, where I looked around and said "damn, I wouldn't change a thing right now." Then I was thinking back on my trip, and here are two moments where, if someone said: "well, if you could change just one more thing to make this magic, what would it be?" and I would say: "nothing".

1. Lounging on the airplane over the Atlantic. Three seats to myself. Nice warm meal in my tummy. Knitting pastel ribbed scarf. Listening to track 8 on Some Devil.
- I felt so independent and free. Feeling nothing to worry about, and no one worrying about me. Thrilling, really.

2. Looking at the Welsh countryside from the side of a hill, in the fog.
- Reminded me of the hikes we used to go on in Alaska after work. We would hike with the soul purpose of reaching that point on the mountain where there was no audible noise. We would lay on our backs, and listen to our breathing - in some cases holding our breath to hear the pureness and vigor that nothingness can give.

I would have liked to have spent more time in the hills. I fear that I am a nomad at heart, and wonder how much longer I will be here in NYC.
Is it just me, or mere coincidence that I have scheduled my last three vacations to coincide with the New York Double Feature?

Here is a poem from the New Yorker that caught my attention today. (this is a big deal, because I NEVER read the NYer poems...)

A WREATH by Ben Sonnenberg

The leaves hid your face.
I cut them, to get near you.
When I'd cut the last one, you disappeared.
Then I made a wreath.
Who to give it to? No one.
So I put it on.

art lovers.

This is a picture of an old man watching the rain in Liverpool.

GE and Holland...
This just in from MOM:

To: anise
From: Mom

quit writing bad words ... especially the ones that start with F !! I will wash your mouth out with soap if I see it again young lady... remember you are a lady!!!

Have to go.. hope you had fun in England

Love ya tons,
Here you go Andy... Cheers.

"The future is coming." -Andy. Liverpool. 2003.

People of the Earth. I am crossing the Atlantic today and will be visiting Manchester, Liverpool, Amsterdam and am thinking about stopping by Stonehedge for the weekend. Full picture essay upon my return.

Here are the Hair lyrics to the song appropriately titled Manchester England.

Manchester England England
Across the Atlantic Sea
And I'm a genius genius
I believe in God
And I believe that God
Believes in Claude
That's me that's me

Claude Hooper Bukowski
Finds that it's groovy
To hide in a movie
Pretends he's Fellini
And Antonioni
And also his countryman Roman Polanski
All rolled into one
One Claud Hooper Bukowski

Now that I've dropped out
Why is life dreary dreary
Answer my weary query
Timothy Leary dearie

Oh Manchester England England
Across the Atlantic Sea
And I'm a genius genius
I believe in God
And I believe that God
Believes in Claude
That's me (that's he)
That's me (that's he)
That's me (that's he)
That's me
This is how cool of a co-worker I am:

Adam arrives at work.

Yo. did you see that article in the post?

No. what happened.

dude - there is a video going around of paris hilton fucking.

oh yeah - i have it right here. do you want me to send it to you?

uh, sure?

And that, my friend. That is how cool of a co-worker I am.
Overheard at Starbucks:

Hi, how can I help you?

Do you guys have pumpkin scones?

We sure do.

I would like one please.

Anything to drink?


Okay, that will be $1.85. (buttons, rings, dings, drawer opens, closes – hands scone over)

Thanks. Hey. Why are you guys wearing halos?

(boy fumbles, embarrassed to be 32 and working at Starbucks, unknowing of the real reason why he is wearing a halo over his baseball Starbucks cap. Secret? He sneaks Starbucks snacks in the back room.) Well, it’s a Christmas thing I guess.

Oh. Right.


Last night I watched a movie about a guy raised by Elves, who goes on a trek to find his biological father. The movie is called Elf, and is very funny. I noticed something worth noting:
There was a book in the biological father's office titled THE SEA KING.
I wish it were still mainstream to take a ship across the Atlantic.
Seems so Romantic.
Ships crossing the Atlantic.

I would like to give a shout out to all of the HOT Lehman Brother Employees that run down to get their afternoon sandwich at Pranzo Deli on 50th btw. 7th and 6th. You all make my lunch break entirely enjoyable. Your cologne, your height, your expensive shoes and the way you always have some kind of toothpick or piece of gum in your mouth, altogether equal a break worth breaking for.
In all my pathetic truth, I find myself waking up and getting dressed in the morning not for the purpose of going to work; but for the soul purpose of ordering sandwiches at Pranzo.... I digress....
For some reason I am feeling an obsession with Kansas City on the horizon... Anyone up for a trip to Kansas City for the holiday's?? hahah.

I think I may be obsessed because I was watching a show about the time Count Basie moved to Kansas City. Then this morning I was reading more in A Moveable Feast, and Ernest writes about his time at the Kansas City Star.
Or it might have been all of those references to Kansas City while I was watching LOTR last night. Go figure.


For some reason, Jessica's November Issue doesn't really compare to Britney's October Issue...
I just got on the elevator, and there was this middle aged fellow staring straight ahead, with no buttons pushed.
So then I was like "huh."
And then I thought about how fun it would be to take the elevator up and down during my break. I was thinking it would also make a cool collage to snap a picture at every floor.
Then maybe it might be fun to just go around the city riding elevators. Like when I was a temp - I would ask for really short jobs - so I could see every building and elevator in Midtown. Of course I never fully accomplished that feat - but it's still cool to walk by a building, and know what the inside looks like.
Anyway - back to my elevator - that might be a good idea for a break.
Riding the elevator up and down, down and up.

My favorite picture of the moment. Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe for The New York Times.
I mean basically if I can just have a moment of pure shallowness? I would have to say - isn't Jude Law what every man ought to look like? He really is stunning my palette. I could look at him all day. I guess I will hang this by my desk and do just that.
What does that make me??
An Appreciator. (that is not a word.)
I would like to make a very bare movie about a young black man who finally receives his family's 40 acres and a mule; proceeding an Uncle's violent death.
The movie would have 5 characters tops; be shot in a soft pastel/yellow tint, and very slow moving.
I went to another Burlesque show on Saturday. It wasn't as raunchy or dark as I thought it should have been. For some reason I wanted to see blood, dirty hair and something broken. I wanted the music to be more basic tin pan alley. just a few clanks on an empty pot, cigarette dangling from lipstick lips.
I was thinking about starting a troupe of tap dancing fat girls. But it feels like that has already been done somewhere. Maybe it is stuck in my brain because of the hippos from the pastoral Symphony in Fantasia.

Along the lines of dance - I would like to choreograph a baroque ballet to The Beatles "All the Piggies" song on the White Album. I started making up the dance in the party house in East Hampton. It originally involved water ballet - but then I thought the dance might be more effective if set in the park.
Sounds like something you might see on cable's ARTS channel. Fringey.
Friday afternoon, I purchased A Moveable Feast for 81 cents. On the fourth page, the last owner had cesspool underlined.
I am excited to watch "Dreamers". I once ran into Michael Pitt in Times Square. I turned to him and said "I never do this, but I just wanted to tell you that you were amazing in Hedwig."
Because he was.
He looked at me. His girlfriend scowled.
I walked away.
Little do the Mr. and Mrs. Kerschitzky know... I caught poor Mendel surfing the internet for naked girls, while I was babysitting.


This morning's conversation with Doug:

Wait, one thing. Why do you hate London?

I just never got that city. I don't get it. I don't see how it fits together. I am a Paris and Rome girl.

Interesting. Samuel Johnson once said, "When a person gets tired of London, they are tired of life."

Gosh. I'm feeling tired.

I feel that way about New York.

Me too.

New york is like no other place. It is like Oz.



I celebrated my 19th birthday with a bunch of middle aged hippies at a fish camp in the village of Egegik, Alaska.

That makes me feel so Benedict Allen.
New find! This Day in Music History. Click it baby!
Ladies. Planet Earth's living Prophet (his name is Gordon) would like you to read this message.


Is it an offense when someone exclaims: "You are my Allison Porchnik." ??
Is it strange to anyone else that money from McDonalds is now funding NPR? I guess I am okay with that. As long as they don't start advertising for McDonalds or anything vile like that.
Ms. Piano Teacher Whose Name I am happy to Have Forgotten:
Behind your back I practiced Bartok Microcosmos.
I refreshed and viola. All this new stuff.
-David Gemmell


This week I am going to spend 10 dollars to see Rosenquist. Hopefully that money will go towards a much needed can of spackle for the poor deteriorating guggenheim gem.
This painting peers over the second story window sill of the Flowers Gallery on Madison Avenue. You can see her eyes and forehead from the Madison Ave bus. It's kinda creepy.


Epcot is an acronym for "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow".
My personal acronym for Epcot is "Everything here can be PurChased On canal sTreet."

1. Sarah Vowell should be at the top of every list. This week, she will be reading her short stories here. Ho Hum. If only Ira Glass were there as well.

2. Apparently this week is Print Week New York 2003. The deal benefits my fave place - Printed Matter - so it's gonna cost yah 25 smackers...

3. Fans of Wim Wenders should go here.

4. An exhibition just opened on the first, called Fast Forward: Twenty Years of White Rooms. No, it has nothing to do with Emily Dickenson's white phase. It has to do with the fab gallery White Columns. Ya'll should skip over and check it out cuz it features one of my fave artists Mr. John Currin. Add it to the list, Santa.

On a side note, I think every girl goes through a white phase of some sort. I have my theory as to why. The bulk of that theory having to do with her state of virginity. I also wonder at about what age the white phase typically happens?

I have always wanted to start a short story with the following sentence:
One year ago she was loosing her virginity.
The Disney movie Brother Bear was released this week. I am excited about this because one of the characters in the movie is named after my hometown!!!! KENAI!!!! Joaquin Phoenix is the voice. This means that if the movie is successful - I will no longer have to explain my town name - I will just say "Kenai, like in Brother Bear" and everyone will understand the pronunciation, and stop looking at me and my third eye. I will finally fit in with the rest of Pop Culture. People will think I am cool. Everyone will go to my parties. I will receive 100 hits a day on my website. I will have 8 nicknames. I will have three dates per week. And last but not least - I will win the Customer Care award at work.
Water reflection is to Alaska like Glass reflection is to New York.
The city didn't really know how to smell this morning. I sensed confusion on the way to work. Well, I smelled confusion. It was like the street scent didn't know whether it should be hot or cold - so it was just kind of hanging in the middle there between muggy hot, and crispy cold. I would compare it to how Jane must have felt everytime she had to choose between salt and pepper - pre "Crazy Mixed Up Salt."
The style of the Floridian Rabbi will never cease to amaze me. The way they dress in white, the way they gel their hair. I would have to say that the creature is the closest we will get to seeing an Angel on Earth.