I cut my own hair the other day, and gave myself bangs. My coworker Adam says that my new bangs look so cute, that he suggested I cut hair for a living. Not all hair, just bangs. I would love to open up a little specialty shop downtown that is specifically geared towards the chopping of bangs. I would call it BANGS. He said that since I got my start here in my office (one night when I was bored,) that I make office calls - go to people's offices around the city, scissors in hand, and cut bangs where needed. I don't think this would fly with supervisors, but I would most definitely be willing to accommodate to peoples lunch hours. I love my new bangs. I will attach a picture of my new bangs once Adam takes a decent picture of me and my new bangs.
god, that word can sound so dirty if said repeatedly... The British call bangs - "fringe". I think I will stick to calling them "bangs" just for pure shock value.
I started a photo log, to keep all of my images in tact. You can check it out as it grows up into a great big bountiful photo archive.

Q: Anise, why do you keep doing these nerdy internet things?
A: Because I have a job where, when I am bored - I can go into the Ladies Room and cut my hair.
A quote from my new obsession, Six Feet Under -
"I have this theory that every once in a while people should get what they want, when they want it. keeps them optimistic."
he is one of those guys that says "alrighty then".
I had absolutely no clue that china had a problem with spitting.


Looking out the window from an airplane (on a clear day) is one of my favorite things to do here on planet Earth. Seeing the roads, city lay-outs, ball fields, pools, and roofs - is a nice time to daydream, reflect, and imagine the lives happening on ground. Specifically, flying over NYC always reminds me how easy it is to get caught up in mini dramas within our little hub of existence. I can't imagine what it must feel like to look at the planet earth from outer space. I would assume that experiencing this, makes burning your toast takes on a whole new chilled out meaning. I think people need to fly away more often.
Top 6 Quotes from MTV's True Life "I'm a binge drinker"
1. "I need to get a job and go to school. I've got nothing to wake up for in the morning. "
2. "I don’t drink because I like it [the taste]. I just swallow it."
3. "I have a, what do you call it? an interview? yeah, an interview for a job tomorrow."
4. "I was about to start drinking some water... then I was like: 'wait a minute, I am going to get drunk tonight'..."
5. "I got drunk last night."
I just finished watching the new radiohead video "there there." I liked the tree/forest/lighting, and I liked the reference to the "First Vision" that Joseph Smith supposedly saw in Upstate New York back in 1840something. moving on. overall I feel like it kind of missed the mark. I actually said "o brother" and rolled my eyes. At one point in the song, he sounded just like Ozzy Osbourne on that one episode of The Osbournes when their cat was trapped in the backyard, and Ozzie was yelling for Sharon. Then again - - now its playing through a second time, and I am humming.... I guess we'll see on june 10th just what the story is with this Hail to the Chief business. I think my album excitement right now on a scale of ten is about a 6.4. Something is seeming so set-up about the band right now.
I do have to say that I like thom's haircut right now. that fake mohawk/chop suey thing is crazy slick.


I noticed a picture of this cute new musician Jason Mraz - (just another dave wannabe.) Anyway, I am going about my business, checking him out, and noticed that his debut album is titled:
Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Does anyone else have a problem with that title? Or is it just me??


A girl named Cally has a blog - and this is what she posted today:
>> Currently written on my apartment door, "BOMBING FOR PEACE IS LIKE FUCKING FOR VIRGINITY." --Moon Children.<<

I thought that was worth noting. hahahaha. a little off time-wise, but you get the point.


I am going to Vegas for my B-day. In preparation, after I come home from another fun filled day at the office - I will spend each evening watching Vegas flicks. Here is a list of Vegas movies: (please email me if I am missing some all important flick...)
1. Ocean's 11
2. Go
3. Swingers
4. national lampoon Vegas vacation
5. Casino
6. leaving las Vegas
7. Viva Las Vegas
8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
9. Honeymoon in Vegas
14 more days until my birthday.
Birthday list as follows:
I am really into PUMA right now. here is my fave PUMA jacket.
oh yeah, i really want the punch drunk love soundtrack.
Mr. Show book
Mr. Show DVD
soy milk
the beastie boys DVD that mike has.
I need new running shoes
any Guinness pictures you can find.