Today I was the subject of some family feistiness. Some cousins want me to join the msn family chat room. One cousin named Dorie stated on the family website: "well if that little shit (that would be me) is on her website all day, don’t you think she could drop by and type a quick hello??"
Well Dorie, that would make sense, but I am at work, and I just don’t feel like filling out all of those msn forms. I am a yahoo girl.
So I sent an email to my other cousin Wendy Jo (Dories sister) to defend myself, and we started catching up on life. I was surprised to discover that Wendy Jo is into Motorcycles. That sounds like fun to me - so I sent Wendy Jo some questions and she was quick to answer!
*I was trying all day to link these really cool biking pictures, but all of them are on the family site. I can link pictures once I have a real server. Sorry readers.

Anise: What do you like about motorcycles?
Wendy Jo: I love to go fast, smell the air and the power below me.
A: What's your favorite kind of motorcycle?
WJ: Harley Road King and Sportsters
A: Have you ever fallen off?
A: What's your favorite color?
WJ: Turquoise and Black
A: Do you watch the show Jackass?
WJ: Yes I have on occasion and loved the movie - favorite part (one of them) was when they dressed up as old people.
A:do you drink (alcohol)?
WJ: on occasion
A: ever ridden drunk?
WJ: nope
A: do you wear gloves?
WJ: not very often, my hands are very claustrophobic.
A: what? how can your hands be claustrophobic, like do you start sweating, or is it just your hands? do you start vomiting? what's going on here.
WJ: It's weird but I can't function, I just don't have enough feeling so I just feel like they can't "breathe" I'm like that with socks too, and when I sleep I like to have my feet out of the covers. See - you aren't the only weird one in the family!
A: thanks, tho something tells me that I already knew that... do you like driving, or holding on?
WJ: both. right now I hold on until I get my own motorcycle.
A: I just read the comment from Dorie referring to me as a "little shit." do you agree with this statement?
WJ: in Dorie's book everyone is a "little shit" it's just her way.
A: Gotcha. Where do you work/live?
WJ: I live in Springfield, Oregon and work in Eugene, Oregon.
A: Doing what?
WJ: I work for an attorney and as a bookkeeper
A: what did you eat for lunch today?
WJ: Bag of popcorn
A: Wendy Jo - you need to eat more for lunch. How far are the motorcycle race yards from your house?
WJ: Not sure, we don't race, we drive for distance.
A: You told me you are going to Sturgis - where is that, and what is the attraction??
WJ: Sturgis is a Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Over 1 million people expected are this year.
A: What exactly do you do at a rally? meet people? revv engines?
WJ: We are going for the concerts - and will be staying at the buffalo chip campground. 3 Doors Down, Steppenwolf, Tesla and a few others will be playing. The purpose of our motorcycle group is to hit as many states as we can - our patch is our logo. We get a bead at every state we enter. We will stay at Sturgis for about 3 days then take our time going back as we are in a rush to get home.
A: Did you know my mom was into motorcycles when we lived in Minnesota?
WJ: I think everyone's mom was into motorcycles at one time or another.
A: Really!?! Was your mom into bikes? I wonder when I will be into bikes? hmmm. Maybe it's because you get to wear leather.
WJ: Yes, you get to wear leather. I have a leather vest with our club logo. I have leather chaps, jacket, boots - got it all! And, my mom's second husband rode motorcycles and mom was into Harleys. You aren't a mom yet, maybe you're time hasn't come :-)
A: Something to consider, that’s for sure. Say, do you have any pets?
WJ: Just my pet betta "Freddy"
A: I used to have a beta fish. We called her "Maggie Jo, short for Margret." Turned white one day after I changed her tank water. Anyway. I like asking top threes: name your top three of the following: 1. cheese -
WJ: string cheese, swiss and mild cheddar
A: dog names -
WJ: Rover, Huc, Chamois
A: alcohols -
WJ: Rum, MGD, Rum
A: pick one: sandals or flip flops -
WJ: Flip Flops
A: rocking chair or porch swing -
WJ: porch swing
A: rip or tear -
A: Totally cool Wendy Jo. Do you have any parting quotes, or words of advice for the homeys out there??
WJ: “No matter how hard you try your in box will always be full - so RELAX” – Wendy Jo. 2003