All this talk about the ground zero air quality reports released this week, along with the month of September right around the corner has got me thinking and asking questions. Here are a few questions for a few people who work a few blocks from ground zero:

First up, Eli:
about how many steps would you need to walk to get to the big ground zero fence?
4 blocks away

have you been in your office since 9/11?
yes - we got back to work 3 weeks after the incident.

on average, how many people do you see a day wearing a respiratory mask?

Have you found yourself listening to a lot of Soul Coughing, or Weezer lately?
no. mainly yeah yeah yeahs, ARE weapons & neutral milk hotel

Ok, be honest, have you noticed any strange growths, maybe a third eye, or 7th elbow?
on myself? I got a mild case of hemorrhoids about three months ago. I think it was from stress, and sitting a lot... guess it could've been from poison air though.

Thanks Eli. That was discusting.

Next up, Kristin:
about how many steps would you need to walk to get to the big ground zero fence?
depending on the exit I use I am 20-50 steps away from the gates. basically across the street.

have you been in your office since 9/11?
i have been in this building since april 2002. On 9/11 i was working in Jersey city with an unobstructed view of the towers. interesting to be on the other side.

on average, how many people do you see a day wearing a respiratory mask?
not many 1 or 2.

Have you found yourself listening to a lot of Soul Coughing, or Weezer lately?

Ok, be honest, have you noticed any strange growths, maybe a third eye, or 7th elbow?
honestly, there are some of the strangest looking people down here. lots of weird deformations. is it the air? i can't really say.

Aight. Cool.
Last up, Skye:
about how many steps would you need to walk to get to the big ground zero fence?
well, in high heels - about 67/70. In flats - 52 steps.

have you been in your office since 9/11?
no. I got here around 10:45. I was late today.

on average, how many people do you see a day wearing a respiratory mask?
um, none. that's a dumb question.

Have you found yourself listening to a lot of Soul Coughing, or Weezer lately?
no. but i have been listening to Anthrax, Of Death, and Murder City Devils.

Ok, be honest, have you noticed any strange growths, maybe a third eye, or 7th elbow?
it's been a struggle learning to type with my 6th finger, my hair is falling out, my glass eye itches, I have three legs, I am a dog, and I answer to the name "lucky". oh wait - that's from a forward i read.
What's up with Mo Rocca commenting on everything lately? I mean sure, he's cool, but I guess I wasn’t really prepared for him to be commenting on the VMA's all day on various shows including NBC, and CNN. It was kind of a "oh, well, okay. um whatever." moment. Anyway.
When I walk around the city now, I like to find all of the hidden surveillance cameras. Here is a map of all of the cameras in Manhattan. Warning - it takes a while to load because it's a large PDF file - but its worth it!
the other night it was 3am, and I was laying on the couch watching PBS. I have been obsessed with the NOVA channel recently. It would be incredible to work for a company like NOVA. Anyway. There was this part when this doctor was talking about one of her patients, and how depressed he was. After a couple months, the patient was unable to breath on his own. I thought it was really touching when the doctor stepped beside his bed, and touched the machine next to him and said "the iron lung." Before that moment I never really thought about the iron lung - aside from it being the title of a Radiohead song. Seeing someone give affection to modern machinery was kind of strange, and gave me a whole new perspective on the purpose of iron lungs. what a twist on words. So, in reading up on iron lungs, I found this guy who has site dedicated to the history of iron lungs. check it out.
I could care less about Madonna kissing Britney and Christina. What I do care about is Britney kissing Madonna. What? I think she was pressured into kissing that old-mom-in-denial. For some sick reason, I feel like Britney has let me down. I was rooting for her. I was on Team Spears. I feel like she sold out to the shock value Madonna Gods. Its like that one time Rosanne grabbed her privates during the national anthem.


Oh the joy of calling someone, and meaning to call someone else.


Last night in NYC more than a million dollars was raised for 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean. Howard is the hot ticket this summer, with a successful grassroots campaign called the: "Sleepless Summer Tour". This morning, I noticed that my coworker Jim Agostine had a DEAN bumper sticker in his office. I asked if he went to the rally in Bryant Park yesterday, and he said "yes, I did. Did you go?" I said "no, but would you mind if I interviewed you for my website?" he said "not at all".
Here are some other questions that I asked Jim:

Lets talk rally - how many people do you think were there, and what general age group was representin'?
Bryant Park was packed. I read in the Times that there were 10,000 people, but the NY Post says 16,000. It was mostly youngish, under 35.

What is Dean's campaign slogan?
One of them is "Give em Hell, Howard"

Did everyone start shouting the slogan?
In one of those classic awkward moments when the crowd gets suddenly silent, my girlfriend screamed it out at the top of her lungs.

That’s awesome! It seems so Forrest Gump/Jenny in the reflecting pool to me...
Well it started strong and ended weak, with "GIVE EM HELL... howard?"

Were there any fires/riots?
No. It was a pretty well-behaved crowd.

The first thought that came to your mind when you saw Howard Dean in person:
I can't believe how fired up this guy has people, so early in this campaign. I was thinking that Bush or Kerry (or any candidate, for that matter) could never get this kind of a reaction from a crowd.

Did seeing Howard Dean in person change any of your views?
No, but it solidified my opinions of him. He was well-spoken, charismatic and very presidential.

Did you donate any money to the Dean for America campaign?
Yup. If you check out his fund-raising efforts, you can see just how much of a grassroots movement this really is. The average donation is about $50 and I read that they anticipate raising $10.3 million by the end of this quarter. That's a lot of individual supporters vs. the big $2000 a plate Republican you-scratch-my-back-i'll-scratch-yours type donations.

What websites do you frequent in keeping up with the latest news on the dean Campaign?
The official blog is and his site is

I read in the Times this morning that Dean's downfall is having a weak representation of Union workers, African Americans and Immigrants. Do you see this changing within the next 15 months?
I'd argue that, contrary to that Times story, I saw a pretty diverse crowd there last night. But, the more people hear about his platform, what he's done and what he stands for, the more you'll see these kinds of groups and organizations publicly supporting him.

Dean in 2004 seems to be the latest and greatest trend, why are you personally rallying Howard Dean?
I feel like Bush is doing a lot of damage to this country. I think the media (and many people in America) are afraid to question his decisions and actions because they don't want to make waves or seem unpatriotic. Dean isn't pulling any punches. He's holding Bush and his cronies responsible for misleading people about the war in Iraq, squandering the surplus and not making any improvements in the economy or the general quality of life.

So, who do you think Howard is REALLY going to win in 2004?
I do. Howard Dean has been portrayed initially as a liberal, leftish dove. Although he does have some progressive views on education, civil unions and worker's rights; people will eventually realize that he does support military action (if justified) and that he leans moderate on issues like gun control and capitol punishment. Also, there are hints of him asking Gen. Wesley Clark to run as his VP if he gets the nomination. That would quickly make him more electable. Most importantly, he is the exact opposite of Bush: a bright man, with a vision and passion.

Give three adjectives to describe Dean:
Honest, spunky & smart

If you could give Howard Dean a color - what would it be?


here are 5 answers that I received today... A FEW WEEKS LATE (thank you very much Taryn...;)

5 questions for a girl named Taryn who lives in London:
1. Why do you live in London?
I live near London because it is such an awesome city- there are so many parts to it and uniquely cool things to experience here. I love the brittish music scene, so the concerts are awesome! Nick Drake went to college just down the road from here and I hang out with a guy who's good friend is friends with Gabriela...Nick Drake's sister. How bizarre.
2. What is the name of your favorite bar?
Hmmm, would have to be the Springbok Bar...I'm South African!
3. How many times a day do you see the British Flag?
I see the English flag more often than the Union Jack which would be a couple of times a week really.
4. What do you do in your spare time?
Cycle along the Thames, stopping along the way to have a pint of Strongbow...
5. If you could give London a color, what would that color be?
Red, London is so full of red. Postbox red!


How are we supposed to know what viewers choice video to vote for, if MTV doesn't play any of the videos? Anyway - for those of you that stay up really late, or get up really early - giving you the chance to actually watch some Music Television, cast your votes here. Since the first post I ever posted on this beloved website of mine was about the Cry Me a River video, I think it's pretty obvious who recieved my vote...
Personally - this is the best video of the year by a landslide.

I was thinking yesterday about how glad I am that I do not live on East 14th street. All of the NYU kids are moving in this week, filling the empty dorms. When I see the freshmen meeting other people in their class - I like predicting where that friendship will be in a couple of weeks/months. It's annoying seeing the paranoid parents, and almost funny to watch the "rebel" kids smoke outside of the palladium with their perma-scowl. Watching the newly paired roommates go shopping, watching the 19 year old girl score a six pack of beer outside the deli with this boy she just met who has the insecure duckbill platapus hairdew that you know will change in a couple months once he has been burned a couple times - all of these have been like totally "enough already". So that is why I am glad that I do not live on 14th street. It's kind of like - a 'been there, done that' type deal. The whole thing might make me feel old, but I would never want to go back, I am enjoying being older.
This just in from Mr. James the British roommate. He is reporting from California this week, and knows of my fondness towards Mr. JT:
Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya - last night I'm on the dancefloor in Suede throwing down my best moves when who should appear at my side? Justin Trousersnake, that's who. Of all the luck. Still, at least he brought Cameron with him.
This is not a wind-up.

Hot 810 Elevator Lobby boy was nowhere to be seen at the ice cream social. In fact, the ice cream social seemed to be my office playing hookey. I met no one new, but did catch up on some steamy office gossip. yip. Now, concerning hot 810 Elevator Lobby boy - time for missed connections.... ah.
of death, kool-aid, and party planning.

I listened to the Jonestown recordings from the Jim Jones cult last night. The cult choir was called the "Peoples Temple", and the recording sounds similar to Langley Music Project - with just as many chills/but no kool-aid mass suicide at the end. The recording begins with really upbeat choral numbers. I actually said: "hey, this sounds like something I would want to join!" Jason said that in Texas he would put the beginning part of the cd on when they were painting houses, and that everyone loved it, yet no one knew they were listening to a cult choir. Anyway, the FBI owns the bulk of the recordings, but what has been released you can find here. The last track (13 of course) is Jim Jones psyching 900+ people out to drink the kool-aid and die. You hear him yelling/speaking, the people mumbling in tongues, and doing that special Indian hollering that we all did in our backyards while playing cowboys and Indians at age 7. After the chaos, it all eventually fades out, because they all die. The recording definitely works well as a party conversation piece. Keep that in mind the next time you throw a party!
Last night, after a fabulous dinner cooked by my fave married couple - Jessica and Jason (thank you very much!!), I was craving something sweet, caffeine free, and fizzy. I decided on diet sprite to satisfy the urge. When I got to the deli, alls they had was 7-UP. I was excited, because I never see 7-UP anymore, so I purchased that. Right after my first sip, I realized something - I only drink 7-UP on airplanes. It was so weird to be drinking a beverage that I only partake of when flying around in the air. So weird in fact, that I threw the drink out. 7-UP just doesn’t taste the same, when NOT given to you for free on a compact plane by a smiling stewardess in a plastic cup with ice in the shape of semi-truck tires. It ain't the same. I'll stick to sipping 7-UP on planes.


Has anyone noticed the strange texture that is being applied to the bottom half of the cities lamp posts? At least around Midtown, I have noticed that a scratchy/fiber/sandpaper paint is being applied to the bottom 5 feet of every post. Wierd. It's very harsh, and almost painful to the touch. Are too many people humping lamp posts or something? I don't imagine its for cleanliness purposes, and I have never heard of either rats or birds climbing up lamp posts - and it being a problem. So my conclusion is that the city does not want people hanging on lamp posts. Gone are the days when we could all just swing lamp post to lamp post...


To all of my friends that are personal assistants: (okay, that would be like 3 of you, and I highly doubt you are reading this because you are so god damned busy... ) has posted yet another great idea. He would like people to contact him if they know of any events where celebrities will be attending, because he is tired of hearing about MISSING celebrity sightings and stuff like that.
He states:
Possible scenarios for you knowing this privileged information:
(1) You're in the rock outfit U2 and are planning another rooftop concert.
(2) You're a maitre d' and just took a reservation from, say, Jeff Goldblum's personal assistant.
(3) You work at Vanity Fair and your Xmas party is coming up.
(4) You're a production assistant on hit TV show "Ed."
Please check out the info on his post for today, and get crackin. Speaking of missing celebrities - I have a fresh story of my own! Today I was in a Chelsea deli, buying water. The water bottle I chose was half frozen. I thought that was cool. While buying the frozen bottle of water, I was also ending a phone conversation that I was having with Jessica. I pay. I say goodbye. I hang up. I focus on how cool my frozen water is. I turn around to leave. I smack square into a tall guy. I look up and see a mop of curly hair. I notice that the mop belongs to Albert Hammond Jr. from the Strokes. In a wave of "shit, thats the dude from the strokes", I say: "wow. this water is frozen!" He mumbles something incoherent. I exit the store. I find a place to catch my breath. I call Jessica and tell her what happened.
So thats my famous person story of the month.
two movie opinions:

American Wedding was cute. I laugh loud. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. The theatre might have been laughing at me, because I would laugh, and then the three other people in the theatre would chuckle. What's the point? The movie is funny. worth 10? nah. i give that movie 5 dollars.

Uptown girls was pathetic. I was watching my watch the whole time, texting friends, checking email. Boring. Some parts were okay. Britney Murphy officially bugs me. On the ten dollar scale? I would pay Movies on Demand the three bucks they charge to watch it on an extremely boring Saturday, when I can't/don't want to get out of bed, or off the couch. Murphy was way more entertaining in Just Married. Now that was cute.
Today I don't work, and should be going to an office amusement park party that I was invited to, but I have instead decided to stay in the city and catch up on movies and nurse a slight hangover. I feel ready to waste the day away at the theatre. Oh yeah, I also have to fit a good three hours of studying in there somewhere. About the hangover I am nursing: for some reason I thought it would be totally brilliant to drink vanilla vodka all night, after not having a drink in like a month. (we interrupt: "What?! Anise gone sober?" oh no people don't jump to any conclusions. two words: other substances.) Around 2am last night I also found myself not being able to sleep - so I decided to walk the streets aimlessly looking for other people who were awake, and quiet possibly wanting to walk around with me. To my neighbors in the east village that I pestered at 2am - Nana, Bill, Adam... I would like to say: "Well, what are yah gonna do?" This is my first "hey i was feeling no pain" post, so deal. Anyway, back to the day ahead: I have made plans to stay all day at the movie theatre - its hot and sticky out. Luckily 14th UA is playing 4 flicks that I would like to see, all for the low price of 10 smackers. Those flicks include:
1. American Wedding: hello? people are saying that they think this one is the funniest of all three. I don't really see how that can be humanly possible because I thought the other two were hilarious. So I am way excited to laugh like crazy.
2. Uptown Girls: I would never spend ten dollars on this movie, but I would walk into it from another movie.
3. Battle of Shaker Heights: I have been following Project Greenlight this season. Hope the movie is good.
4. Finding Nemo: I haven't seen it yet. I need to see it.
5. Spellbound @ Quad: totally need to see this one too.
6. Capturing the Freidmans @ loews: this too.
So basically altogether I will be spending around 10 hours in the theatre. I will probably get burnt out around the third movie. I find that when I movie hop in a theatre I usually get burnt out at 3, because my brain just stops making sense of the flicks, or starts combining scenes - taking the pleasure out of going to the movies.
Thats enough rambling for now.


I am not really following this California recall business, but this makes sense to me!


My dad said that I cuss too much on my website. He said - well, actually he typed it - wait a sec - I will pull up last weeks email correspondence for you:

preface: DWG is my dad. AG is me. We were talking about the book The Da Vinci Code, and I was axing him if the book was worth buying.

DWG: Yes it is. It's the most pleasure I have had reading a book in quite a long time. It makes you think and investigate on your own what the author is saying. But you like weird books like how you say on your website. By the way, the 5 questions are getting old.

AG: Okay, I will stop the 5 questions. Sorry. I have to add patricia - then I am done. I just thought it would be a fun project - but I was kind of getting tired of it this week too. are you liking my website? or is it just weird?

DWG: I like your website. Just cut down on the @#$% words. Some great man said cussing was used by people because they lacked diction.

AG: i cuss a lot?

DWG: Every time you write a cuss word use your knowledge of the English language and write another word that could make people think. I had an economics professor in college who used a new word every day in his classes. We all brought dictionaries so we could understand him. It was stimulating.

okay. so my dad would be proud of this joke that I pulled on my coworker today:

My coworker was training this editor, and in her practice run she messed up and said "fuck". I immediately turned around and said:
"Hey. We do not appreciate that kind of language over here. We are trying to keep this area of the office "foul language free". We find that keeping our immediate environment free of the poison that foul language can bring, makes us more conducive to a more productive working atmosphere."
By the time I finished, my co-worker had turned pale. Both of them looked at me like I had three eyes. I just stared at them blankly, turned around to my computer, and started typing this story.
The main reason I like friendster is that I am given chance to write testimonies about my friends. I know its all grade school and fucking shit like that, but I find it hilarious that I will spend time, when bored, thinking of how I can possibly sum up my friend in five sentences. Yah know? Its challenging, and I like that aspect of the whole deal. Also, in that NPR friendster interview that everyone was talking about last week, the dude who removed his profile said that he regretted one thing: that he didn't make copies of the testimonies that he wrote for other people. He said he wanted that back the most. So whatever, long live friendster. It ain't hurting anyone.
Another phone conversation from the cubicle close by:

So, the sports-salesman-stalker just called me again! Yeah, he asked my size?. I said:
"I'm a girl, we don't tell that."
He insisted I tell him my size! Then he asked what size short I wear - so I go:
"especially, short size!"
I mean shoe size maybe - but short size? Come on! He pushed more, and asked if it was okay if he could assume medium. I said:
"sure. assume medium. lets go with that."
I mean, the nerve! How bizarre is that? I was totally shocked. I mean, "Just your short size, Just your short size."...yeah, I know, its absurd, what kind of person?!... so...

And that's another phone conversation from the cubicle close by.


MOB #7 email just in: I am kind of sad that they aren't mobbing main places of transit anymore. This bar nonsense doesn't seem to mobby to me.

Start time: Tuesday, August 26th, 7:24pm
Duration: 5 minutes

(1) At some point during the day on August 26th, synchronize your watch to
(If that site doesn’t work for you, try

(2) By 7:05 PM, based on the month of your birth, please situate yourselves in the bars below. Buy a drink and act casual. NOTE: if you are attending the
MOB with friends, you may all meet in the same bar, so long as at least one of you has the correct birth month for that bar.
January, February: McAnn's Bar & Grill, 3 W. 46th St. (just west of 5th Ave.). Meet by the bar.
March, April: Fiddler's Green, 58 W. 48th St. (between 5th and 6th Aves.). Meet by the bar.
May, June: Maggie's Place, 21 E. 47 St. (just west of Madison Ave.). Meet by the bar.
July, August: Connolly's Bar & Restaurant, 14 E. 47th St. (between 5th & Madison Aves.). Meet in the upstairs bar.
September, October: P.J. Moran's, 3 E. 48th St. (just east of 5th Ave.). Meet by the bar.
November, December: Heartland Brewery, 1285 6th Ave. (entrance on 51st St.). Meet by the bar.

(3) Then or soon thereafter, a MOB representative will appear in the bar and will pass around further instructions.

(4) In particular, the instructions will tell you when to disperse. Make sure that two minutes after the specified time, you are no longer at the mob site.

(5) Return to what you otherwise would have been doing, and await instructions for MOB #8.
Dude! If you paste a writing sample in here it will tell you what gender you are. Well, for those of you wondering what your gender is...
Here is an excerpt from an NYTimes article about John Brion, talking about Fiona Apple's new album release scheduled for spring 2004. i can't wait.
>>It's 1 p.m., and Jon Brion is still in his pajamas and slippers. For the past three months, Brion, Tom Biller, an engineer, and the singer Fiona Apple have been living at the Paramour. Right now, Brion is noodling at a Casio keyboard, playing along to a mix of Apple's "Oh Well." "I cried the first time I heard her play this," Brion says. "We were at Ocean Way, Sinatra's old studio, and I just put my head down on the table and cried."<<
Today, Lasagne farm has an interview with 2 young detroit kids who leave friendster to make up missed connections on detriot's craigslist. I like the idea of the whole fake posts on craigslist, because you actually do get responses. Two weeks ago I was writing random people about thier prescription drug addictions - in hopes of getting some interesting dialogue. Nothing came out of that. Anyway, that reminded me about an idea I have had for a couple months now: anonymous office dialogue that happens on the company refridgerator. My office refridgerator has those magnetic poety word things = but they are all about the media or something like that. A couple of times I have seen this kid mixing up the words and making sentences - I thought it would be an interesting story if he was having a dialogue with someone else in the office. He goes in, makes up some random sentence - the other goes in, and responds. It would be a short story - maybe a book in the "Nancy Drew goes Corporate" series.


If I have to hear the woman in the cubicle across from me tell her blackout story one more time, I am going to black out. From what I gather, she only had 4 dollars on her - but someone gave her another 20. Whew, Thank God! Well, she was going to go to the ATM earlier that day but thought, "hey, i will just save it for later". Then of course she had to walk 30 blocks home. I mean, 30 blocks! The whole time these buses where flying by her - she didnt even know that many buses existed, I mean geez! Well, thank God - her car was not on an electric elevator thing, so she could drive out to Long Island. Whew. And, she would also like everyone to know that she is thankful - well, she is thanking God one last time that she was not on the Subway or the Elevator. Whew thrice. Thanks be to God.
I was just thinking about how much I really hate siren noise. In Alaska, everytime we would hear a siren, we would run outside to see what was going on. Once, our cat Friskie got stuck & scared in our pine tree. I think my mom called the fire dept. - that was exciting. We asked them to turn on the sirens and stuff like that. Anyway - here in NYC sirens are really getting the best of me. Why do they have to be so loud?
Ask Skridlow is clever.
Mike mentioned that he is reading Heartbreaking work of Staggering Genius, and it got me thinking about Dave Eggers. I have always thought of him as the Isaak Mizrahi of the publishing world. His crazy tours, and the way he does his hair, mirror Isaak's. They should be together. Like Lance and Tony.
This guy who blogs by the name of Blue Jake has made my morning at work very peaceful. Read about his driving from Malibu to SF.


To my delight, I discovered Queer Eye for the Straight Guy this weekend. What a fun show. In order of preference of the fab 5, I like the food guy the best. number 2: grooming, 3: fashion dude 4: interior decorator 5: culture guy. The culture guy is last only because there is never really anything challenging for him to fix. Know what I mean? The fashion guy is a little too kitten for my taste - but I still love him. Here is a website that is devoted to talking about queer eye. it’s 4 straight guys summing up each episode.
Aught-3 has been a way fun year. The blizzard, and the blackout totally kicked ass. I just felt like typing aught-3.
Yesterday I was studying at the Public Library on 42nd street. During one of my breaks, I walked into this exhibit across from the Bill Blass reading room. The exhibit was a photo essay project about September 11th. The snapshots, letters, professional pictures, and clippings were altogether so moving that I have to urge everyone who can, to go to the NY Public Library on 42nd to check it out. I was moved beyond words, and was surprised, because I had already forgotten so much.


There was this midget in Grand Central who was performing/dancing in a bright yello spandex suit. My brother kept seeing him all over the city and it was beginning to trip him out. Everytime he would see the midget he would yell "Theres that midget again!!" Even after the lights went out we saw the midget dancing in times square.
Mona once told me that while she was pregnant with Reid, she would constantly see midgets everywhere. She was a little spooked out. Nothing happened midget-wise with baby Reid, but she too, like Joshua, shouts out when she sees a midget. So, it's kind of strange to be around two people that have reoccurring midget sightings.
Like two hours into the blackout - I saw a blind man with his cane talking on a cell phone: (i dont know how he had service, but he was talking in a cell phone.)
"Yeah, something has happened - a cop actually offered to get me a cab home?? I didn't take it - I can get home by myself."
A cop offered a blind man a cab ride home during the black out, and obviously failed to mention what was going on. weird.


I just watched a clip on CNN where they were asking people in Baghdad what they thought about the blackout in NYC. The Iraquis were in favor of the blackout, saying that we are getting what we deserve. The people of Baghdad get to use electricity for 4 hours a day. It is on average 110 degrees farenheit there. We are so spoiled.
**disclaimer: this is one of those historical posts that I will read after thanksgiving dinner 2045, while I am sneaking my grandkids beers on the back porch.**

Answer to the question that everyone will be asking for like, oh the next 6 months:
So like where you during the blackout?
When the lights went out, I was in the basement of Grand Central with my cousin Tania, my brother (Joshua) was outside. The place went pitch black - and I said "I don't like this. This is scary." So we grabbed our bags and made our way to the nearest exit. People were crying out and panicking. I thought we were under attack, and was fighting back a massive amount of tears wondering if my brother was o.k. Once outside, we immediately found Joshua and my Aunt. They started laughing as we were still in a state of panic, and explained that this was all a power failure, and that it would be up momentarily. Joshua and I eventually left them and walked to my office because I had to get something out of my desk.
At 53rd and 7th - I realized there was no way that I was getting up to my office, so we made our way down Broadway. By that point, all of the buildings were vacant, no phones were working, and the streets were crowded with people. It was such a trip to see Time Square screens pitch black. I couldn't stop thinking about Oceans 11, and was convinced that this was some kind of intentional shut down.
Once we got to my apartment, we decided to go over and check out the bar where we had a party planned for that evening. The bar was virtually empty - so we scratched any plans of staying there and hung out on my roof with the neighbors for a bit. After the sun went down, we went walking around the streets. We then made our way to Union Square. The energy there was so incredible. People were so alive and free. It felt like that's what it must be like at an x party. We joined in, got really hyper and started yelling & dancing around.
We then decided to walk down to Washington Square. On the way there we actually had a small group with us - all in search of a cold beer. Once at the park - the pit was full of hippies drumming, and people freaking out. We found the pit to be a little more exclusive, so we made our way to Tompkin square park.
At that point that huge mass of bikers passed us. I thought the bikers all hooting and hollering was so crazy and fun. I wanted to be biking around with them. Whenever they passed it just made everyone start screaming. That might have been my favorite part of the blackout.
At one point, at St. Marks place I exclaimed "I CAN YELL WHATEVER I WANT!" and someone randomly shouted back: "AND NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!" and then I said "EXACTLY! TONITE KICKS ASS! HOLY SHIT!" so that was kind of random and cool. I loved how everyone was just howling at each other. I absolutely freaked over all the hippie drummers. Joshua asked: "so, do you think this is what the world would be like without any electricity?" I said I hoped so.
We then saw a man outside a bar coaxing people inside. We asked if he would give us two beers for four dollars - he said yeah, so we went inside. Once inside, Joshua started tripping out because the place turned out to be the Milk Bar, from Clockwork Orange. I was freaking out because there were five men at the candlelit bar, all comparing bird calls. It was silent in this huge space - and all you could hear were these random "coo coo" "kaw, kaw" it was so crazy that we didn’t even sit down. We stood in the middle of the bar with our mouths open, and then eventually left.
Finally, we made it to Tompkins Square. The first group had a fire going, and a naked guy. The drumming there sucked but we wanted to see the fire get busted. We watched the cops peacefully walk into the group and put out the fire, and then walk away. The cops were so friendly and peaceful. Everyone was drinking publicly, and smoking some mad weed. We followed our noses and went to join this group that had the most amazing set of drummers. I remember being fixated on this guy drumming - you could see every muscle in his back. His whole body was in the beat. I predicted that the "missed connections" forum on craigslist would be spilling over with "blackout - you were drumming, I was dancing" type announcements. Anyway, this other guy lit a fire stick, and started dancing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the flames and felt like a snake being called out of the basket by some guy wearing a turban. Trippy.
After having our fill of dancing around like crazy hippies, all of that walking and 2nd hand pot smoke - we made our way back to my roof. Chilled there for a while, and went to sleep in the muggy mug air.
In summing it all up, I think I liked Joshua's theory the best about the blackout. He said: "Anise, I don’t think there is any kind of bad conspiracy. I think that if anything the government wanted to give you guys a break, because you work so hard. They want to let you go crazy and throw a kick ass party, so you can go back to work with vigor and create more things. this will create hype, increase relationships, making communication better - thus improving creativity. this is their way of pushing progress."
Well, that’s how I spent the blackout of 2003.
the end.


Jane is a girl in NYC that takes pictures of Dogs that she spies around the city. I like Jane.
Was anyone else going crazy last night after the Osbournes revealed they were scripted? I mean, I had an idea - but I have to say that I was completely rolling on the floor with laughter and disbelief when they were showing those Ozzy cuts. That was definitely something in television history. Also, I have a theory that the Osbournes and some other shows on Comedy Central are slowing making a point that language should not be banned on television. I think the ban will lift, or at least be modified drastically within the next ten years. You can quote me on that.


Its the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
here is a site about places around the globe where we are not supposed to go: Infiltration


i feel that OK computer is the Dark Side of the Moon of my generation. i listened to Dark Side for the first time last night, and couldnt stop comparing the two. i might be wrong, but that is what i keep thinking about right now. i also think Dark Side was written as a soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz intentionally. i might be wrong about that too, so don't shoot me.

Speaking of shooting: I have always liked the title of that Elton John album: Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player. I always think about that album when someone mentions shootings. like if there is a reported shooting on the news, or whatever i always think to myself "don't shoot me, i'm just the piano player". sometimes i say it out loud. thats always fun.

another phrase that runs through my mind from time to time is "chop wood, carry water". That was a title of a feminist book back in the 70's. whenever I am changing the water tank at work, or gathering fire wood for the fire on a camping trip i always say to myself "chop wood, carry water". its catchy.

Actually, now that I think about it - I think that one of the main reason's I compare Dark Side with OK is that I once went to this old movie house and watched OK put to this creepy old silent film. the film and creepy movie house gave the album this crazy spacey/movie feeling. The same feeling I got while listening to Dark Side.
okay. I have been sitting at my desk for oh... about 45 minutes now, and I cannot get that first track of Dark Side of the Moon out of my head. I never thought i would be obsessed with Pink Floyd. i never went that route- whatever that route is. crazy. i am just sitting at my computer waiting to get home and listen to Dark Side of the Moon. 7 more hours.

my brother is here all week. i will write about that later because it has been interesting to hear his comments. all of the comments are things that i noticed when i first moved here, and have since adjusted too, and forgotten. so that has been fun to hear and notice again. anyway, we like to listen to and talk about music and compare music facts. so, he has turned me on to Pink Floyd. that would be cool to tell if i were the college student and he were the 26 year old, however i am feeling kind of inferior about not knowing any of their albums. typically it takes me a year to warm up to things and think they are totally awesome. (ie: white stripes, queens of the stone age, blah blah) but this time i feel like an idiot. Pink Floyd to me, is something that everyone should have already explored their sophmore year of college. i must have been preoccupied with something else - actually if my memory serves me right, sophmore year i was into: joni mitchell, over the rhine, shudder to think, radiohead, steve miller band, and of course the ever so lovely ani difranco stage. haha.

having my little brother with me has been so nice and complete that its almost depressing, because i know he is going to leave.


i was thinking of a little short film that would show living in a world where everyone introduces themselves by stating their name and their issue. I repeat - this would only be a short clip, shot in video, and shows in between two features at some film festival. I started writing out the scene, but I don't have that much time to finish it - so i will get the ideas out of my head for now, and come back in a few days and work on the specifics. so, examples of people introducing themselves read like this:
Hi, my name is Stacey. I get scared on the subway platform for fear that someone might push me in front of a train.
Hi, my name is John. I act like I am a fun loving wanna be frat boy - but really I fantasize about men, and am the gayest guy you have ever met. I have pictures of boys under my bed.
Hi, my name is Simon. I am addicted to ambien, and am 50K in debt, and four months behind in rent.
i dont really know the point - but i was on the subway and i thought it would be interesting to hear eveyone's problems out loud. i dont know, i will work on this when i get back. later
I was surprised to see that M2 has made it into regular cable. I predict that in the future, MTV will create more specific stations catering to punk, heavy metal. Both shows will start outside of public access cable, and once the shows get enough hits, will move into public cable. I can already see the downslide of M2. There are already less videos - which is why people went there in the first place. So - MTV will be all the pop culture shows (it is already), M2 will turn into all the hip hop/rap/whatever culture shows catering to that audience, and then there will be the two other random shows that one has to subscribe for - like heavy metal/punk.


Satire on Bush running for president in 2004: W'04
someone pretending that they are Dubya. via burnlab V3
The excitment of my morning thus far was a girl who came in for an interview. she was wearing flip flops, a sweatshirt zip hoodie, and slurping from her iced coffee throughout the process. i wanted to smack her. maybe she was doing one of those shock pieces where she has a hidden camera, and we are all being punk'd. but i havent seen ashton kutcher anywhere - so i doubt that is the case.
Speaking of Fight Club, I just read on Gawker that Chuck Palahniuk has an audio blog. click me.


This IQ test is really tricky. Only take it if you are looking to kill time. If you want to kill anything else, you have the wrong site.
I just received information about MOB #6 from the MOB Project. I think this is a strange/new idea. It seems so "Fight Club" to me. Next thing you know, they will have us making soap.

Start time: Thursday, August 7th, 7:18 pm

(1) At some point during the day on August 7th, synchronize your watch to (If that site doesn’t work for you, try

(2) By 7 PM, based on the month of your birth, please situate yourselves in the bars below. Buy a drink and act casual. NOTE: if you are attending the MOB with friends, you may all meet in the same bar, so long as at least one of you has the correct birth month for that bar.
*January, February, March: Hamburger Harry's, 145 W. 45th St. (just east of Broadway). Meet by the bar.
*April, May, June: Connolly's Pub, 121 W. 45th St. (between 6th Ave. & Broadway). Meet in the back, by the window to the kitchen.
*July, August, September: Charley O's, 218 W. 45 St. (just west of Broadway). Meet by the bar.
*October, November, December: Howard Johnson's, 1551 Broadway (at 46th St.). Meet in the back to theleft, by the bar.

(3) Then or soon thereafter, a MOB representative will appear in the bar and will pass around further instructions.

(4) In particular, the instructions will specify when to disperse. Make sure that two minutes after the specified time, you are no longer at the mob site. The instructions will also specify a short window of time – two to three minutes – when we ask that you not take photographs of the mob, or interview participants or bystanders.

(5) After the mob, return to what you otherwise would have been doing. Await instructions for MOB #7.


Yesterday during the rain storm I sat by my computer and wished I could better explain what was going on outside my 32nd floor window. the clouds were dark and electric. I saw three lightning bolts outside my office window. Luckily, this girl had a camera handy.
Wednesday at 8pm is the Radiohead documentary at Warsaw.
Here is a way cool blog all about taxes. introducing: A Taxing Blog
Musical updatical:
Musician Curtis Moore just sent an email about his show For The Love of Tiffany. New York Magazine sites it in the top ten for things to watch at the Fringe Festival. Tickets can be purchased at the Fringe Festival website.
Another musical of note is Buddy Cianci the musical. I guess a bunch of bloggers are going to be there. I like how Catherine calls all the big time bloggers "bloggeratti". that’s funny.
krist novoselic quits music
Does it take a long time for your girl to get drunk?
Do you find yourself spending massive amounts of money on beer to in return get a girl who is bloated and tired??
When it comes to drinking time, do you basically drink your little debutant under the table?
Well, maybe she is not drinking beer specially designed for women. Check out the campaign for Real Beer! The first beer designed for and by real women! yippee.


5 questions for a girl named Julie who lives in Youngsville:

1. Why do you live in Youngsville?
I actually live in Lafayette, but the office is in Youngsville. And I live here because we have to live close to the office.
2. What is the name of your favorite bar?
My house
3. How many times a week do you eat crayfish?
Since I am on the rig most of the time and they don't fix it very often, generally only once a month on average during the season
4. What do you do in your spare time?
Read, work on the house or the truck or the car, ride my motorcycle, have friends over, go visit friends, play with my kitten
5. If you could give Youngsville a color, what would that color be?
Red since it is so damn hot
I drove up to Lake Ontario this weekend, and over the drive became officially obsessed with Queens of the Stone Age (I know, kind of late...). I couldnt look at the lyrics while we were driving, but liked the song so much that I turned to Jessica and said "you can tell this is one of those songs that has amazing lryics." I think I was right.

Go With The Flow:
She said "i'll throw myself away,
They're just photos after all"
I can't make you hang around.
I can't wash you off my skin.
Outside the frame, is what we're leaving out
You won't remember anyway
I can go with the flow
But don't say it doesn't matter anymore
I can go with the flow
Do you believe it in your head?
It's so safe to play along
Little soldiers in a row
Falling in and out of love
With something sweet to throw away.
But I want something good to die for
To make it beautiful to live.
I want a new mistake, lose is more than hesitate.
Do you believe it in your head?
I can go with the flow
But don't say it doesn't matter anymore
I can go with the flow
Do you believe it in your head?


Awe shoot. This is fun. - The New York City Anti Hipster Web Log.

is it wrong that I wrote the email checker at tinkle to ask for a tinkle booze cruise scholarship? I have yet to receive a response. if you are bored, you should write them on my behalf.
5 questions for a girl named Joy who lives in San Diego:

1. Why do you live in San Diego?
I live in San Diego 'cause I'm a native Californian and there is no place I'd rather live at this point in my life.
2. What is the name of your favorite store?
the name of my favorite store is, St.Vincent DePaul Thrift store. It has the best vintage finds ever!
3. Do you know how to surf?
I do not know how to surf, I think I'm one of the few who doesn't.
4. What do you do in your spare time?
I don't have much spare time, my life right now is dedicated to nursing. When I do have some free time I like to go out to dinner in Pacific Beach with friends or host a dinner party.
5. If you could give San Diego a color, what would that color be?
If I were to give San Diego a color it would definitely be blue. Not a sad blue, but the kind that lulls you into a mello, laid back state of mind.
I started reading Annie Dillard's "A writers life" or something like that - I forget the exact title. I am a big Annie Dillard fan. She writes like she is high, and its all about writing. The beginning of the book compares writers to painters. She writes that a painter's work starts from the bottom, going up. For example - you paint something, and then paint over it - creating layers upon layers. A writer's work however, moves from left to right (well in English, at least). For example the more we write - the more right we are going. You get the picture. It was just something that stuck in my head, and thought it would be worth retelling.
Like totally this is my new favorite song: NYC by Interpol.

Holy fuck I love it when he sings "New York cares" it feels so official. I love it. It makes me love NYC. I am going away from the city for a long weekend, and I have to admit that when I am away I love being away, but when people ask about NYC - I totally brag and boast about this city. Its been so fun to live here during my 20's. word.

Anyway, here are the lyrics:

I had seven faces thought i knew which one to wear
I'm sick of spending these lonely nights training myself not to care
the subway is a porno pavements they are a mess
i know you've supported me for a long time
somehow i'm not impressed

New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)

subway she is a porno and the pavements they are a mess
i know you've supported me for a long time
somehow i'm not impressed

It's up to me now turn on the bright lights
It's up to me now turn on the bright lights

New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)
New York Cares (got to be some more change in my life)

It's up to me now turn on the bright lights
(got to be some more change in my life)
oh, It's up to me now turn on the bright lights
(got to be some more change in my life)