As people walk by me on the street, I like to make up conversations in my head of what they are saying to themselves, or what they act like at home. I enjoy doing that. Imagining strangers on the street at home cooking dinner for the family, or standing around hanging out with the kids or their roommates. The only group of people that I have a hard time figuring out what they are saying to themselves would be the single 40/50 year old male. It’s a group I never think about, and picture them constantly raising their eye brows and saying "oh well". I know its not like that, but its really one group that makes my imagination freeze.

I also enjoy seeing people say good bye to each other. Like if they just finished lunch, and they are two people that don't really see each other. Its fun to hear them be all "yeah, keep in touch. it was great seeing you."
I used to live in a fratty area - 33rd and 3rd. okay. Upper east side prep school. The residents have just graduated college, they have the big office job, and they are messing around. Dude. Saturday morning/afternoon in that neighborhood was "The Walk of Shame" morning. Everywhere you turned, half drunk/trying to be sober couples are walking each other to their respective trains and saying "yeah, sure I'll see yah.?." so that was always fun to watch. The best Walk of Shame: (one that everyone must experience at least once) the couple had parted, he caught the subway. as the girl was walking away, this huge smile overtook her face, and she kicked the wind, started hysterically laughing, raised her hands over her head and shouted "YAY!!" that was cool. Like a herbal essence moment.