Around 3am on the 4th of July, I assigned everyone their beds, and left my barbeque to go hang out with some college friends. I was really in that "feeling great" drunk phase. Before I met up with them I was dancing/yelling on my porch to the Beatles, as my guests were passing out - so basically I was on fire, and should not have been driving.
Once I was in Port Chester, Amber, Jeremy, Dan and I walked around the back streets. Dan and Jeremy set off bottle rockets. I have never experienced a crazier soundtrack to a walk. I couldn’t stop myself from exclaiming "this walk has the best soundtrack I have ever experienced!" and we all kept walking. Port Chester was silent, we were silent. All you could hear was our breathing and footsteps. Dan would light a rocket: 'click, fizz, burr, POP!' no one would say anything and continue walking. We stopped by a harbor. The soundtrack changed to: 'click, splash, blubble, muffled SNAP!' I then started back to the studio, leaving them behind, thus changing the soundtrack to random 'POP'S' getting more silent with each step away. It was one of those moments that I will be happy to look back on (see previous post about our lives being taped) or would like to recreate in a real film.
the end.