There are certain albums for certain times. Now is the time to revisit Air - Moon Safari. The track "All I Need" simply put - hits that chord that runs up your spine.

Kelly Watch The Stars -

So anyway I have been not so interested in sharing my goings and doings and leavings and sayings with eyeballs that read computer screens. So I haven't really written all too much - or I get all schitzo and write, and then make it disappear like magic. Easily put - I am feeling quiet.

Yesterday a wonderful thing happened to me directly. I would like to say to the "wonderful giver gods" that I am grateful. Sometimes people are given second chances, watched out for, nourished, washed, etc. for no good reason except humanity. People its true. We really all do have some kind of 'thing' looking out for us. We do.

Yet here I write.

I got an email yesterday from a girl who said she went out and bought Antics because of what I wrote about the album. I don't remember what I wrote but I thought to myself "huh - the reason I listen to track 6 is because of what someone else wrote."

As far as current music goes - I have been listening to a lot of Arcade Fire. I walked in the pouring rain on a Friday night from Virgin to Other Music just to buy the dang thing. So it’s great that I like the album. It got me off the Antics kick. Funeral is the name of the album because while they were recording, family members kept dying... Its the only band that I have actually attempted to get ticket too this year. I didn't get tickets, and am now a little saddened that this might possibly be the first fall that I don't go to a show. Anyway the album is perfect for changing leaves and riding city buses. It's also perfect to have playing while your pipes smell of new warm heat while watching mute tv & playing solitaire.

Dan the Automator - A Much Better Tommorrow - King of NY, is great to have on while painting. And its great to have on while you are getting dressed. It will really set the mood and make you ready for the street.

Not that you are a hooker or anything - but I assume you want to rock out. Specially in NYC baby.

Current short-film script I am thinking about:
Basically it involves a crippled woman who can't really walk. She is one of those cripples that have short tiny legs, and shuffles around with a walker. She is quiet, and top heavy.
The film would be her getting ready for a daily walk.
Very slow, very quiet.
No music.
Show her hoisting herself out of bed.
Crawling around her apartment.
Toasting Bread.
Natural light - no yellow or blue lighting.
She has a white sheet tacked over her one window.
She is 57 and slightly hunchback.
Hair is a nasty gray.
She lives on 12th street between 5 and 6.
She sits on her bed, buttons shirt buttons, slides into small black stretch pants.
She gathers her walker, leaves the apartment and inches toward the elevator button.
The elevator delivers her to a lobby.
There is no doorman. She inches her way onto the street.
She does not take one step in any direction on the sidewalk, and heads straight into traffic.
Looking straight ahead.
She is not hit by a car - cars swerve this way and that.
She makes it to the other side
And then we see her inch towards a deli to buy more toast, buy more corn, and buy more jam.
Next morning. Same thing.
After watching this about 3 times, it is made clear that she is trying to get hit by a car.
So the anticipation builds with every day.
Then one day she is hit by a car and is killed.
Then the film would fade to black.
The film would be called HOPE.

Well that’s all I have to say today. I am excited about my "English Visitor". I am going to make a point of calling her my "English Visitor" all weekend, because while I was visiting her one year ago in Liverpool, she would always call me her "Amerercan Friend". So as a way to really stick it to her - I will be calling her my "English Visitor".


Public Service Announcement:

I think this "Vote or Die" business is a little silly. I mean are we really going to die if we don't vote?

Are we REALLY?

So if you have been having mixed reactions about the candidates - might I suggest you watch the season premiere of South Park. It was on last night, and the episode is called Douche and Terd. If you missed the episode, start crying now. If you can get that episode by whatever means possible - tivo, direct tv, cable, streaking through the park naked, whatever. Get it. Watch it.

I kind of want to be Towlie for Halloween so I can just walk around and say that I have no idea whats going on and ask people if they wanna get high. And I kind of want to be Cartman's mom because that is an easy costume, and I could offer everyone Cheesy Poofs. I am probably going to be nothing because I don't feel like being anything. That aside, Rodrigo is thinking about being Chef. If you know Rodrigo, you know that he kind of looks like Chef. I want him to Chef. Lets all have Rodrigo be Chef, and lets all forget about this "Vote or Die" business, and vote for "Rodrigo for Chef or Die" for Halloween.

Love yah.


When all is said and plucked, who can tell the difference between a chicken & a turkey??

I asked the poultry man at Fairway.


You haven't really lived until you end your night/begin your morning sipping last calls with Vietnam vets at the quiet, always dark & festive Wicked Wolf bar on 75th & 1st.

You really haven't lived. You know nothing until that point.


Its like Morrisey croons:

Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls mothers, are bigger than other girls mothers.


Well 3 cheers for those dirty hippies up in Boston. Being so enamored by dirty hippies myself, I actually compiled a list of comments & websites around the internet dedicated to Johnny's plethora of hair. Let me just edit it down to my fave comment from ESPN writer Jim Caple:
"When Damon showed up this spring with wild, shoulder-length hair and a full beard, the only things he was missing were a volleyball named Wilson and a Fed Ex package under his arm."

About 5 people in my office are on "suicide watch" today. It confused the new girl when the big boss announced that so & so was on suicide watch. She asks the big boss "is that like E-Watch??"


A really great riddle about nothing:

What do the rich need, that the poor have?
It is greater than God, and if you eat it you die.

And no, its not a fluffy miniature dog on a city beach....


Alone With Everybody by Charles Bukowski

the flesh covers the bone
and they put a mind
in there and
sometimes a soul,
and the women break
vases against the walls
and the men drink too
and nobody finds the
but keep
crawling in and out
of beds.
flesh covers
the bone and the
flesh searches
for more than

there's no chance
at all:
we are all trapped
by a singular

nobody ever finds
the one.

the city dumps fill
the junkyards fill
the madhouses fill
the hospitals fill
the graveyards fill

nothing else



While making a CD last morning, I discovered that Interpol followed by Frank Sinatra is just STELLAR. I mean really exciting.

Try this with me:

Interpol - Obstacle 1 (she holds the weight...)
Frankie - Nice & Easy

Stellar! Borderline Shocking!!
If you need the tracks - email my gmail -

You know that reminds me of rhyming, which remind me of my missing lunch buddy who has a first name that rhymes with his last name. The reason I like him is because he is the best listener I have ever met. He just listens, next thing I know, I've told the kid my whole life story. And then when he does speak, he always says things in my favor! Like "wow that guy is a loser" or "you can get better" or "nice sweater today" things that people put quarters in machines to hear. So anyway he is on his honeymoon with his equally awesome wife. They are in California, and I am here having lunch roaming around Roy Rogers with Subway Sandwiches by myself. boo.

Frank Sinatra will always remind me of fall because I discovered him in the fall one year. Last year was Judy. Three years ago - Ella. 5 years ago - Peggy Lee. I think this year I might try Dean Martin. I want to discover one ballad singer every year during Autumn. Actually you know this year I think I might study Edith Piaf. Even tho she is French, she definitely has an NYC feel.

I like this review of Antics the best.
After much debate, I would like to say that number 7 on Antics is my favorite and with that I will link to the lyrics. This is the one that you turn up really loud about 2 minutes & 45 seconds into the song and wish that the whole song were that pace. The one that makes you devo-out for 34 seconds and dance like Stipe or a mirror of how you dance to Radiohead or well, Turn on the Bright Lights.
One of my favorite things to do at work is talk like Claire Fischer.
I am reading a book that just got off a plane from California one week ago, but was purchased at the Strand for 11.30, and caused me to wonder if I should disinfect the book because of its mystery previous owners. Anyway the best part of the travelling book goes a little like this:

If you want to know how you really feel about someone, take note of the impression an unexpected letter from him makes on you when you first see it on the doormat.
Said Schopenhauer.


So today I made a mixed tape and a letter for my friend who is in a town where the debates are happening tonight. The same town that houses the college of my little brother, and the same town where my twin friends Gretchen & Ginger moved in the 4th grade.

I enjoyed them, but they lived by the prison called "Wildwood", so we never played at their house. The same prison that my littlest brother & I would later explore on bikes, trying to reenact E.T.

Our bikes never left the ground.

On Sunday I put my favorite Sunday activities in order:
1. laying on the couch with a head-ache while watching TLC & spooning a needy yellow lab who rests her heavy head in my arms.
2. painting trim while listening to Joni Mitchell records & humming.
4. waking up early and running, and then laying in bed again and listening to the radio (studio 360 & This American Life) between 1&4 while the sun is shining in my window like a sailboat.
5. riding some random subway alone to the end and walking around.

Something I realized last night is that sometimes life is more medical than miracle.

View of and through windows that I see every day.


A shot of all shots.
I am officially obsessed with Cate Edwards. I thought the interest would fade yesterday after searching "Cate Edwards" photos on the AP Archive. But no. Today I searched Getty, Wireimage, Google images, and my own work database - Newscom.
So there you have it.
Cate Edwards does research at Vanity Fair, and enjoys soccer, campaigning for her dad, and coffee.
I like that she likes swimming. Swimmers a a-okay in my book.
Yah know, I am really not feeling the Kerry sisters. Something is really awkward about the both of them when they stand next to each other. It's like an ostrich and a flamingo being friends or something.
And the Bush twins are like the MaryKate & Ashley of Politics. Actually yeah - MaryKate & Ashley are to Hollywood what The Bush Twins are to Politics.


With blogs that are older than 3 years you get to go through major events with the author: maybe dating, a wedding, pregnancy, or maybe even death in the family.
So I was just reading one of my favorite blogs that covers basically all the aforementioned, and wondered what events were more popular - Was it her wedding? or did more people start reading after she had her first baby? Or was she more popular when she was single and writing about dating?
It would be interesting to see her sitemeter and it would be cool to see what people are there for. I am sure she wonders about this 34 more times than I do.

Or did.

Did you know that the reason they started putting mud on pre-game major league baseballs is because in the 30's someone was hit & killed by a ball slipping out of the pitchers' hand?
The (Blackburne) mud is actually famous, and is only found in an undisclosed swamp in New Jersey.

Again. Can I see a raise of hands in favor of the Jerz?

I saw Kevin Bacon the other day. I was about 6 feet away from him, and he looked me in the eyes and then looked away. I then told Robin about a "fun game you can look forward to playing in college" called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I like the new Interpol. But don't you feel like 3 & 4 are kind of the same? Like maybe they should have separated them on the album. I never know when 4 starts, because its in the same key as 3. Or maybe that was the point.
3 is a love song.
4 is a life-together song.
I like 3 more. But then sometimes I like 4.

Oh yeah. and don't you think Interpol sounds like early REM sometimes?


The reason I wear cashmere is the same reason I wear perfume.


How To Make Roasted Apple Jim Beam Shots:

1. Build a kick-ass fire.

2. Get a sharp scary knife.

3. Smile, and carve out the core to shotglass-size.

4. Fill new core with Jim Beam & place on campfire.

5. Shoot Jim, and take a bite.


Every Thursday, as a treat to Robin, we take the dog Kenai for a walk in Central Park. This is under the agreement that she is on her best behavior all week - weekends included.
The first week we could not go walk Kenai because she (as Doug so eloquently stated) was acting like a damn fool. So we stuck to our guns about the agreement so she would know we mean business.

Ever since that week, Robin has been the model 9 year old.

Practically every day I am in semi-shock about it. In reality, Robin has a nasty streak. She acts up in class, she talks back to everyone, and she whines when she does not get her way.

I don't blame her. I'd whine too if it worked.

Either way, the dog bribe seems to be working. She wants a dog more than she wants life & since she is not allowed to get a dog; we get to walk Kenai. You get the picture.

Last night during a quiet moment over dinner, I asked her a serious question:

Robin? Has behaving in school been difficult for you?
She silently gave me a sincere nod in the affirmative.
Do you miss acting up?
Kind of.
Its probably really hard staying quiet when you really want to shout and jump around, right?
It is really hard. But its worth it.
I guess it is.


If you would like to have lunch in a World War 2 time warp, please go to Prime Burger on 51st between 5th and Madison. The burgers are the size they would have been during the war.
The waiter is named Artie.
The guy who washes dishes doesn't work on Wednesday because as he said to the regular "bible study on Wednesday"
The cashier knew men at Pearl Harbor.
The cost with soda was 5 dollars.