5 questions for a girl named Mandy who lives in Girdwood, Alaska:

1. why do you live in Girdwood?
I work and ski and hike and have good friends all in one little town. It is one of the most inspiring places on earth.
2. what is the name of your favorite store?
Its a tie. Ann Taylor and REI
3. What do you do when not skiing?
I hang out with my fun husband, read lots of good books, go running, throw pots, and try to cook yummy food.
4. Seen any whales?
Not in a long time.... but I hear belugas are on their way to the Turnagain Arm!
5. If you could give Girdwood a color, what would that color be?
Definitely green.... for the summer foliage, the people that live in trees (they really do!), the stuff people smoke here, and for my job (Director of Acctg)

[[this is anise: Mandy is the director at Alyeska (the largest ski resort in Alaska.) This picture is something I see everytime I go home. Its an old cabin, outside of Girdwood that was practically swallowed by the earth during the big Alaska Earthquake in the 70's.]]