5 questions for a girl named Jamie who lives in Medford, Oregon:
1. Why do you live in Medford?
We (me, my husband, my sister&Tym and our parents) decided we wanted to live near each other again especially while Simon is young and my sister is pregnant so we compiled a list of things that were important to all of us: community, size, climate etc. and this is where we ended up.
2. What is the name of your favorite store?
Avant Garb (vintage clothing) or Jack and Jill's (where I work :)
3. Do you go fishing?
No- got enough of that in AK
4. What do you do in your spare time?
Spending time with family and friends. I like swimming at one of the local lakes, going to farmer's markets and winery's and shopping in vintage shops.
5. If you could give Medford a color - what would that color be?
light purple