Last night I went to dinner with KRock and her friend Laura. Well, I showed up really late - being distracted by H&M, and SoHo - making me miss dinner - so I was fine with a glass of wine, and some bread. After the huge feast, we went to a little rice pudding café called Rice to Riches. The place is so trendy you could scream (in horror). It's shaped like a grain o' rice, and everything has that orange/neo glow. So we were standing around eating vanilla & cinnamon rice pudding when I mentioned that the placed looked so "sex in the city." then we started talking about last Sunday's episode. Okay - did any of ya'll catch last Sunday's episode? Anyone catch the sequence of scenes with the waiter from Raw, and Samantha?? You know, the one where her legs were flipped over her head, he was sitting on her ass. If anyone has ever done that, please write me immediately. I have never even seen that in "books." I mean, the creative sex position team at HBO really threw us for a loop. Basically, we are all wondering if that is actually possible, and if its um, worth it... I think this may be an inquiry for Jamie at Time Out New York.