I know this girl named Melissa. She is currently hiking the Appalachian trail. Two days before she was set to leave on her 6 month adventure, there was a snow storm. During the snow storm, while grocery shopping, she noticed a man wearing gaiters, and approached him in excitement saying "hey! you are wearing gaiters!". Turned out that he was so surprised that she knew what gaiters were, that he asked her out. They went out, and she shared with him her Appalachian Trail hiking plans. He shared with her his love for ice climbing and things about his career as a French chef. She gave him a schedule of when she would be at each post office (on the trail, they call it a "drop") to receive packages.
Turns out that over the past three months, the man has been sending gourmet food packages to every drop. The packaged content has included s'mores with rich dark chocolate, baked packaged salmon, rich breads, and a blank card, addressed/stamped envelope, and a disposable pen. When I asked her what she wrote back to the man - she said "well, I would just scribble a quick thank you because I was so strapped for time and tired."
Right. Okay. so basically what she is saying is that she took 6 months out of her life to go on a hike where she is strapped for time, and constantly tired? I have a hunch that something else was going on. I was looking at her pictures from the trip (she stopped in NYC for a couple days last month) and noticed that 3/4 of the images were of a strange boy. A boy that she kept name dropping with a blush. So I have concluded that she has met this amazing hiker dude on the trail. They are both hiking together, and are totally pigging out on French chef's food. Ha. What a sucker.