Brianne Cobain??

After watching the preview of this weeks episode of the Osbournes, I am so shocked to discover, (after mild research) that Jack's girlfriend, Brianne, is Kurt Cobain's half sister! The episode looks crazy - showing Courtney Love running around a house in her underwear. The girl, Brianne is totally hauntingly beautiful and looks a little like Kurt.
Here is an article that I found about the girl:
In the November 25, 2002 issue of People magazine they did a Q&A session with Courtney Love. Among other things she is asked about Kurt Cobain's 16-year old half-sister Brianne: "I'm working on becoming her legal guardian. She was having a little trouble and needed some stability. The good news is I can give her money. The bad news is I'm [already a] mom." {}
Okay. That’s enough nonsense stalking for one day.