5 questions for a girl named Sadie who lives in Milwaukee:

1.Where do you work?
General Electric
2. What is the name of your favorite bar?
I do not have a favorite bar, just depends on the crowd I am with, and if I am in the mood for dancing, hanging out in the beer garden on a nice night, or playing bar games.
3. Gone to any baseball games?
Yes, 3 Brewers games and a Cubs game this year so far.
4. What do you do for fun?
Hang out with friends doing whatever. We usually go to bars at night and festivals, sporting events, or brewery tours by day. Milwaukee has a different ethnic festival every weekend, and several brewery tours ranging from Miller down to small local breweries.
5. If you could give Milwaukee a color - what would that color be?
Green. Milwaukee has many shades, from puke green- the old rundown industrial sections to an emerald green- exciting and beautiful!