One year ago I was a housekeeper in East Hampton. During the month of July I was living at the house basically house sitting and getting things ready for the busy month of August. I was just laughing to myself about my schedule during the month of July. It looked a little like this:
- 7:00 wake up. walk/run on beach. yawn.
- make fresh coffee/breakfast. I never really drank coffee until I went to East Hampton. Thanks to Barefoot Contessa.
- read papers, watch morning news
- email friends.
- get some house things taken care of. check things. chat with gardeners.
- lay by pool/beach.
- bike/drive into town and have lunch. run errands.
- email friends.
- around 5, robin the 7 yr. old came home from camp. one duty for the month of July was to teach her how to read. so for an hour, we worked on reading.
- made dinner, or went to various beach shacks for dinners.
- walk on beach.
- email friends.
- watch t.v. last summer I was addicted to IFC, and MTV2.
- 12:00am fall asleep.