Today, Lasagne farm has an interview with 2 young detroit kids who leave friendster to make up missed connections on detriot's craigslist. I like the idea of the whole fake posts on craigslist, because you actually do get responses. Two weeks ago I was writing random people about thier prescription drug addictions - in hopes of getting some interesting dialogue. Nothing came out of that. Anyway, that reminded me about an idea I have had for a couple months now: anonymous office dialogue that happens on the company refridgerator. My office refridgerator has those magnetic poety word things = but they are all about the media or something like that. A couple of times I have seen this kid mixing up the words and making sentences - I thought it would be an interesting story if he was having a dialogue with someone else in the office. He goes in, makes up some random sentence - the other goes in, and responds. It would be a short story - maybe a book in the "Nancy Drew goes Corporate" series.