How are we supposed to know what viewers choice video to vote for, if MTV doesn't play any of the videos? Anyway - for those of you that stay up really late, or get up really early - giving you the chance to actually watch some Music Television, cast your votes here. Since the first post I ever posted on this beloved website of mine was about the Cry Me a River video, I think it's pretty obvious who recieved my vote...
Personally - this is the best video of the year by a landslide.

I was thinking yesterday about how glad I am that I do not live on East 14th street. All of the NYU kids are moving in this week, filling the empty dorms. When I see the freshmen meeting other people in their class - I like predicting where that friendship will be in a couple of weeks/months. It's annoying seeing the paranoid parents, and almost funny to watch the "rebel" kids smoke outside of the palladium with their perma-scowl. Watching the newly paired roommates go shopping, watching the 19 year old girl score a six pack of beer outside the deli with this boy she just met who has the insecure duckbill platapus hairdew that you know will change in a couple months once he has been burned a couple times - all of these have been like totally "enough already". So that is why I am glad that I do not live on 14th street. It's kind of like - a 'been there, done that' type deal. The whole thing might make me feel old, but I would never want to go back, I am enjoying being older.