If I have to hear the woman in the cubicle across from me tell her blackout story one more time, I am going to black out. From what I gather, she only had 4 dollars on her - but someone gave her another 20. Whew, Thank God! Well, she was going to go to the ATM earlier that day but thought, "hey, i will just save it for later". Then of course she had to walk 30 blocks home. I mean, 30 blocks! The whole time these buses where flying by her - she didnt even know that many buses existed, I mean geez! Well, thank God - her car was not on an electric elevator thing, so she could drive out to Long Island. Whew. And, she would also like everyone to know that she is thankful - well, she is thanking God one last time that she was not on the Subway or the Elevator. Whew thrice. Thanks be to God.