To all of my friends that are personal assistants: (okay, that would be like 3 of you, and I highly doubt you are reading this because you are so god damned busy... ) has posted yet another great idea. He would like people to contact him if they know of any events where celebrities will be attending, because he is tired of hearing about MISSING celebrity sightings and stuff like that.
He states:
Possible scenarios for you knowing this privileged information:
(1) You're in the rock outfit U2 and are planning another rooftop concert.
(2) You're a maitre d' and just took a reservation from, say, Jeff Goldblum's personal assistant.
(3) You work at Vanity Fair and your Xmas party is coming up.
(4) You're a production assistant on hit TV show "Ed."
Please check out the info on his post for today, and get crackin. Speaking of missing celebrities - I have a fresh story of my own! Today I was in a Chelsea deli, buying water. The water bottle I chose was half frozen. I thought that was cool. While buying the frozen bottle of water, I was also ending a phone conversation that I was having with Jessica. I pay. I say goodbye. I hang up. I focus on how cool my frozen water is. I turn around to leave. I smack square into a tall guy. I look up and see a mop of curly hair. I notice that the mop belongs to Albert Hammond Jr. from the Strokes. In a wave of "shit, thats the dude from the strokes", I say: "wow. this water is frozen!" He mumbles something incoherent. I exit the store. I find a place to catch my breath. I call Jessica and tell her what happened.
So thats my famous person story of the month.