Today I don't work, and should be going to an office amusement park party that I was invited to, but I have instead decided to stay in the city and catch up on movies and nurse a slight hangover. I feel ready to waste the day away at the theatre. Oh yeah, I also have to fit a good three hours of studying in there somewhere. About the hangover I am nursing: for some reason I thought it would be totally brilliant to drink vanilla vodka all night, after not having a drink in like a month. (we interrupt: "What?! Anise gone sober?" oh no people don't jump to any conclusions. two words: other substances.) Around 2am last night I also found myself not being able to sleep - so I decided to walk the streets aimlessly looking for other people who were awake, and quiet possibly wanting to walk around with me. To my neighbors in the east village that I pestered at 2am - Nana, Bill, Adam... I would like to say: "Well, what are yah gonna do?" This is my first "hey i was feeling no pain" post, so deal. Anyway, back to the day ahead: I have made plans to stay all day at the movie theatre - its hot and sticky out. Luckily 14th UA is playing 4 flicks that I would like to see, all for the low price of 10 smackers. Those flicks include:
1. American Wedding: hello? people are saying that they think this one is the funniest of all three. I don't really see how that can be humanly possible because I thought the other two were hilarious. So I am way excited to laugh like crazy.
2. Uptown Girls: I would never spend ten dollars on this movie, but I would walk into it from another movie.
3. Battle of Shaker Heights: I have been following Project Greenlight this season. Hope the movie is good.
4. Finding Nemo: I haven't seen it yet. I need to see it.
5. Spellbound @ Quad: totally need to see this one too.
6. Capturing the Freidmans @ loews: this too.
So basically altogether I will be spending around 10 hours in the theatre. I will probably get burnt out around the third movie. I find that when I movie hop in a theatre I usually get burnt out at 3, because my brain just stops making sense of the flicks, or starts combining scenes - taking the pleasure out of going to the movies.
Thats enough rambling for now.