Last night, after a fabulous dinner cooked by my fave married couple - Jessica and Jason (thank you very much!!), I was craving something sweet, caffeine free, and fizzy. I decided on diet sprite to satisfy the urge. When I got to the deli, alls they had was 7-UP. I was excited, because I never see 7-UP anymore, so I purchased that. Right after my first sip, I realized something - I only drink 7-UP on airplanes. It was so weird to be drinking a beverage that I only partake of when flying around in the air. So weird in fact, that I threw the drink out. 7-UP just doesn’t taste the same, when NOT given to you for free on a compact plane by a smiling stewardess in a plastic cup with ice in the shape of semi-truck tires. It ain't the same. I'll stick to sipping 7-UP on planes.