My dad said that I cuss too much on my website. He said - well, actually he typed it - wait a sec - I will pull up last weeks email correspondence for you:

preface: DWG is my dad. AG is me. We were talking about the book The Da Vinci Code, and I was axing him if the book was worth buying.

DWG: Yes it is. It's the most pleasure I have had reading a book in quite a long time. It makes you think and investigate on your own what the author is saying. But you like weird books like how you say on your website. By the way, the 5 questions are getting old.

AG: Okay, I will stop the 5 questions. Sorry. I have to add patricia - then I am done. I just thought it would be a fun project - but I was kind of getting tired of it this week too. are you liking my website? or is it just weird?

DWG: I like your website. Just cut down on the @#$% words. Some great man said cussing was used by people because they lacked diction.

AG: i cuss a lot?

DWG: Every time you write a cuss word use your knowledge of the English language and write another word that could make people think. I had an economics professor in college who used a new word every day in his classes. We all brought dictionaries so we could understand him. It was stimulating.

okay. so my dad would be proud of this joke that I pulled on my coworker today:

My coworker was training this editor, and in her practice run she messed up and said "fuck". I immediately turned around and said:
"Hey. We do not appreciate that kind of language over here. We are trying to keep this area of the office "foul language free". We find that keeping our immediate environment free of the poison that foul language can bring, makes us more conducive to a more productive working atmosphere."
By the time I finished, my co-worker had turned pale. Both of them looked at me like I had three eyes. I just stared at them blankly, turned around to my computer, and started typing this story.