i was thinking of a little short film that would show living in a world where everyone introduces themselves by stating their name and their issue. I repeat - this would only be a short clip, shot in video, and shows in between two features at some film festival. I started writing out the scene, but I don't have that much time to finish it - so i will get the ideas out of my head for now, and come back in a few days and work on the specifics. so, examples of people introducing themselves read like this:
Hi, my name is Stacey. I get scared on the subway platform for fear that someone might push me in front of a train.
Hi, my name is John. I act like I am a fun loving wanna be frat boy - but really I fantasize about men, and am the gayest guy you have ever met. I have pictures of boys under my bed.
Hi, my name is Simon. I am addicted to ambien, and am 50K in debt, and four months behind in rent.
i dont really know the point - but i was on the subway and i thought it would be interesting to hear eveyone's problems out loud. i dont know, i will work on this when i get back. later