okay. I have been sitting at my desk for oh... about 45 minutes now, and I cannot get that first track of Dark Side of the Moon out of my head. I never thought i would be obsessed with Pink Floyd. i never went that route- whatever that route is. crazy. i am just sitting at my computer waiting to get home and listen to Dark Side of the Moon. 7 more hours.

my brother is here all week. i will write about that later because it has been interesting to hear his comments. all of the comments are things that i noticed when i first moved here, and have since adjusted too, and forgotten. so that has been fun to hear and notice again. anyway, we like to listen to and talk about music and compare music facts. so, he has turned me on to Pink Floyd. that would be cool to tell if i were the college student and he were the 26 year old, however i am feeling kind of inferior about not knowing any of their albums. typically it takes me a year to warm up to things and think they are totally awesome. (ie: white stripes, queens of the stone age, blah blah) but this time i feel like an idiot. Pink Floyd to me, is something that everyone should have already explored their sophmore year of college. i must have been preoccupied with something else - actually if my memory serves me right, sophmore year i was into: joni mitchell, over the rhine, shudder to think, radiohead, steve miller band, and of course the ever so lovely ani difranco stage. haha.

having my little brother with me has been so nice and complete that its almost depressing, because i know he is going to leave.