i feel that OK computer is the Dark Side of the Moon of my generation. i listened to Dark Side for the first time last night, and couldnt stop comparing the two. i might be wrong, but that is what i keep thinking about right now. i also think Dark Side was written as a soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz intentionally. i might be wrong about that too, so don't shoot me.

Speaking of shooting: I have always liked the title of that Elton John album: Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player. I always think about that album when someone mentions shootings. like if there is a reported shooting on the news, or whatever i always think to myself "don't shoot me, i'm just the piano player". sometimes i say it out loud. thats always fun.

another phrase that runs through my mind from time to time is "chop wood, carry water". That was a title of a feminist book back in the 70's. whenever I am changing the water tank at work, or gathering fire wood for the fire on a camping trip i always say to myself "chop wood, carry water". its catchy.

Actually, now that I think about it - I think that one of the main reason's I compare Dark Side with OK is that I once went to this old movie house and watched OK put to this creepy old silent film. the film and creepy movie house gave the album this crazy spacey/movie feeling. The same feeling I got while listening to Dark Side.