of death, kool-aid, and party planning.

I listened to the Jonestown recordings from the Jim Jones cult last night. The cult choir was called the "Peoples Temple", and the recording sounds similar to Langley Music Project - with just as many chills/but no kool-aid mass suicide at the end. The recording begins with really upbeat choral numbers. I actually said: "hey, this sounds like something I would want to join!" Jason said that in Texas he would put the beginning part of the cd on when they were painting houses, and that everyone loved it, yet no one knew they were listening to a cult choir. Anyway, the FBI owns the bulk of the recordings, but what has been released you can find here. The last track (13 of course) is Jim Jones psyching 900+ people out to drink the kool-aid and die. You hear him yelling/speaking, the people mumbling in tongues, and doing that special Indian hollering that we all did in our backyards while playing cowboys and Indians at age 7. After the chaos, it all eventually fades out, because they all die. The recording definitely works well as a party conversation piece. Keep that in mind the next time you throw a party!