here are 5 answers that I received today... A FEW WEEKS LATE (thank you very much Taryn...;)

5 questions for a girl named Taryn who lives in London:
1. Why do you live in London?
I live near London because it is such an awesome city- there are so many parts to it and uniquely cool things to experience here. I love the brittish music scene, so the concerts are awesome! Nick Drake went to college just down the road from here and I hang out with a guy who's good friend is friends with Gabriela...Nick Drake's sister. How bizarre.
2. What is the name of your favorite bar?
Hmmm, would have to be the Springbok Bar...I'm South African!
3. How many times a day do you see the British Flag?
I see the English flag more often than the Union Jack which would be a couple of times a week really.
4. What do you do in your spare time?
Cycle along the Thames, stopping along the way to have a pint of Strongbow...
5. If you could give London a color, what would that color be?
Red, London is so full of red. Postbox red!