the other night it was 3am, and I was laying on the couch watching PBS. I have been obsessed with the NOVA channel recently. It would be incredible to work for a company like NOVA. Anyway. There was this part when this doctor was talking about one of her patients, and how depressed he was. After a couple months, the patient was unable to breath on his own. I thought it was really touching when the doctor stepped beside his bed, and touched the machine next to him and said "the iron lung." Before that moment I never really thought about the iron lung - aside from it being the title of a Radiohead song. Seeing someone give affection to modern machinery was kind of strange, and gave me a whole new perspective on the purpose of iron lungs. what a twist on words. So, in reading up on iron lungs, I found this guy who has site dedicated to the history of iron lungs. check it out.