Watching all of this Olympic swimming is really making it hot in here. Phelps in those punk-spandex-low riders... the mole on Eric Vendt's neck... bodies so refined causing water to bead like teflonic oil?? I don't know if I should scream, or spontaneously combust.
Embarrassingly it was distracting enough to be asked to turn the telly off while working!
I heard that the condom machines at the Olympic complex need to be refilled every day because they are emptied every night. Why did this interest me more than the 200-breast time trials? Why did I spend about 1/2 hour trying to find said article? Its gotten to the point that when someone is at the starting blocks I wonder to myself "hmm, did he hook up with Jenny Thompson last night? or maybe Amanda Beard. I wonder if he is tired. Oh, and do you think those Hamm brothers are gay?"
NBC should stop worrying about empty seats making viewers stray - and should be more concerned with the fact that these beautiful swimmers are covering their bodies. Ian Thorpe wearing a full body suit?!? How upsetting! Please go back to bikini briefs - or try Phelps' low-riders. Consider this your chance to show it off, and make all these pasty Manhattan office workers blush and daydream about Harlequins, hit-ons, & hot tubs. Photo courtesy of