KENAI ALASKA, Aug. 21 - Cabbie, a black lab best known for his ability to bark "ry ruv roo", died Saturday in Kenai, a small town in Alaska.

He had been trapped in the living room as his hind legs gave out Friday morning, family mambers said.

A former abandoned puppy, he was found in a paperbag in the back of a taxi cab in 1988. The owner of the cab Uncle Jim, let his family keep him with the stipulation that they call the dog 'Cabbie'.

He was the first dog the family ever owned. And for some family members, he was their first experience with that wild beast of a feeling called "puppy love".

During the 1990's, Cabbie enjoyed going running and swimming in the local pond. His best friends consisted of Sarah the Golden Retriever, and Patches the cat.

In his last years of life, Cabbie grew a striking gray goatee to match a wisdom so smart that he knew to pass 3 days after the youngest son left for college. He wanted to wait and go with dignity.

The dog was survived by Carletta, Dave, Joshua, Geoffrey, Anise, and Opal the Austrialian Shepard.

In lieu of flowers, please send emails telling me about your first experience with puppy love.