Jersey Girls

On Sunday I traveled down to Asbury Park on the famous Jersey Shore. I have always wanted to go, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to watch Nicky play bass in his band the Garbage Warriors, at the Stone Pony.
The band was AWESOME. My favorite song is 'Playdate with Satan'. Nicky & the group kicked ass. They didn't win the Battle of the Bands tho. Maybe next year.
The Stone Pony was cooler than I had imagined. It is the type of place that makes you think: "well there is really no need for me to go back to the city, everything is pretty cool right where we are". The scene was pure Jersey, meaning that all the kids had that extra Jersey Jump that consists of a 2 part streets smarts, and 1-part suburbs. I was probably the only one from out of state. I didn't fit in - I should have worn black - everyone was wearing black.
Asbury Park was totally derelict. I didn't know it was like that. At first I was surprised, and then I looked around and proclaimed its wicked authenticity. There is so much potential at Asbury Park that it will make you scream. I dreamed about fixing up this old hotel there called 'Metropolis'. It's everything you want in an old white beach hotel - columns, sun decks, you name it - however it has been left for the birds and more...
I wish I could have stayed longer and had dinner with everyone on the boardwalk while watching those crashing Jersey waves.
Here are some postcards from the adventure:

The Garbage Warriors!!