Today is Thursday. The day before I get PAID. What does this mean? It means I have no money. That's right folks. I just paid rent, and am saving for a car. So. I go to the bank today during lunch to retrieve the bare minimum for an adequately healthy meal: 75 cents.
Me to the teller: Hi. I would like 75 cents.
Teller: I am sorry you don't have 75 dollars in your account.
me: I know. That is why I said "75 cents".
I looked back at the line to see if I was embarrassing myself in front of any hot guys. Nope. whew. But I did see a line of people embarrassed FOR me. Everyone kind of shuffled, and bowed their heads in shame.
Teller: Mam? How would you like that?
Me: 2 quarters, and 25 pennies please.