I am obsessively crossing things off my NYC list. It feels great. This morning I crossed "run the east river parkway" off my NYC list. It was absolutely gorgeous. It felt like San Francisco. I ran over that pedestrian walkway to Randall's Island. I figured I might as well. A lot of homeless people live on Randall's island. Makes sense - it's an oasis of trees over there. Well, except for the prison, I would think one would feel quite cozy.
It can however, get a little creepy at times. Every time I would be looking at a group of trees, I would realize that like 2 people were in the trees staring back at me. A little creepy.
I turned around and walked back to my place.
So if you find yourself suddenly home-free, or are just tired of paying NYC rent, might I suggest Randall's Island?? It comes fully equipped with great views of the East side of Manhattan, free fishing, nice quiet tree-dwelling neighbors?? Check it out.