I sent this picture of 6th avenue to a friend in Alaska, and said "can you believe I am surrounded by all of this concrete!?!"
I took this picture on my way to work the other day. For the past few months, since I returned from my trip home - I have known that I am not going to be here forever, so I have just been immersing myself in New York City. I can't imagine any other city being better than this, the city of my 20's. I just can't imagine it. Especially now that I can feel that little glimmer of Autumn in the air. Sometimes I will just start beaming smiles at random things because I am so excited about my last September, October, November, December here. Its strange to know that I will forever be in love with a city that I know I can't really live in. Both NY and AK, in their extreme and harsh ways will be places that I have to visit at least once a year.