Last night I met the dog that I will be watching for the next week and a half. The dog was cooler than I expected. It caught me off guard. At one point she walked up and rested her yellow lab head on my white human knee. I started chuckling and said "Oh. We are going to be friends." And that was that. Here is the fun story about how we met.
I was at a job interview. Everything was going smoothly. At the end of the interview the woman told me that she would like me to meet her husband. So I said "sure" and we went into his office. Once inside, he gets this goofy grin - "close the door!" So we close the door, and we sit down.
(At this point I am thinking that he is so into my application that he wants to hire me on the spot. I was pretty excited.)
"Your application mentions you are from Kenai, Alaska!"
(Oh brother. The Alaska conversation. Disappointment.) "I was. Do you know someone from Alaska? Have you ever been?" (The typical questions.)
Both of them start chattering about the dog & Alaska. I say how cool it is, and then went home.
Turns out they wanted me to start while I was working in East Hampton at the time, so I passed on the job.
So anyway - it's just Kenai and I for the next week and a half. The couple will actually be in Alaska. I was granted permission to take Kenai on a road trip. They tell me Kenai likes to swim, and even has her own towel & water toys. It is going to be a nice distraction.