As I was sitting at the beer garden in my hood last night, I started to feel summer ending. Not that we really had any kind of summer in NYC. Either way, someone asked: "when should we stop wearing flip flops??" Katie said Southerners never stop wearing flip flops.

Ho Hum.

Dogs & Cars
Cars & Dogs

I was just thinking about where I am going to keep my car, once I get my car. I mean, having a car is like having a dog. You have to worry about re-parking when you wake up or before you go to bed. Similar to worrying about taking your dog on a bathroom-walk when you wake up, and before you go to bed.

Another thing I have noticed about the paws/wheels world is that signs are appearing from out of nowhere! Signs like "no dogs allowed" and "no parking on tuesdays".

Gone is my former oblivious life of only worrying about walk/don't walk signs. Welcome to the life of wheels and paws.