This is a picture of me & Julie. We were friends in Kindergarten. We lived in Minnesota. She was the coolest girl in school. Here, as I attempt looking cool at an early age, all Julie needs to do to is stand there. After moving away from Minnesota, I never really met anyone cool like that.
Until I met Kat.
The coolest girl in my office.
Kat is so cool that she went off and got another job in the fashion industry. Right where she belongs. Kat is the girl that I brag about to my Grandma (another fashion maven). She is the one that will take you to the hippest place in town. On Christmas day she will go ice skating and take you to Chinatown to chill with the Jews. No one has spent the night at my apartment more than Kat (especially during her anti-rat phase). Lastly, Kat is the only human I have known to win a game of pool in one turn.
So Kat - I would like to say that I am more sad than happy about the move. I just liked seeing you & your outfits every day. You make me smile.