For the past 2 weeks I have been working the evening shift. I call it "west coast hours" because it gives me the opportunity to chat with my w.c.ers all day. I typically work at 7am. I like mornings - but was kind of feeling a little run down, and wanted a change of pace.
The break has been nice. The break has been nice backwards - ecin. But even still, the night person (not naming any names Romel Veerasami) wants his shift back. I am a little saddened. I now know why.
Time is irrelevant on this shift. The only time I worry about is 2:30pm - a half an hour before I should start making my way to the office from wherever I am in the city.
Other than that - the only time I check is 11pm, when its time for me to go out. Which is what happens on a shift like this.
You go out.
You morph into this creature of the night. You don't know bars during the previous hour happier. The hardwood floors are stickier. The people left are those pulling the all-nighter. The people that lurk in the shadows - sulk at the tables.
This is something that can only really happen in New York of course. The leading city of the dark bars. The bars that never contain work topics. The bars that make you order dark drinks minus the straw & rock.
So this is what I have been getting my taste of yet again. I used to work this shift, and I used to know the dark bars. I had since forgotten what it was like and that I like what its like. Cheers to the evening crew. It's been nice, relaxing, and intoxicating. "ching"