Olympic Opening Ceremony Fashion Recap:

Of course America had to announce on the side of our caps & sweatsuits* that "THE ROOTS" made their clothing.

Coolest outfits of the opening ceremonies? A tie between Isreal (go cool gray/blue monocrome!) and Ireland (way to bring back the pinstripes). Way to go countries that start with an I. In four years I would like to see a little improvement Italy...

* Questions from Sonia: Couldn't have like Ralph Lauren, or Tommy Hilfiger designed our outfits?? Aren't those guys constantly designing for an event like this? Isn't this their company motto?? Third world countries are dressed better than we are. Was The Roots the official sponsor of people who speak English (US, Canada, England)?? The outfits look like something a McDonalds worker would wear to the Special Olympics - "Do you want fries with that?"
You’ve sacrificed your LIFE to get to this point to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD to what? wear the same outfit that the person watching the show who has nothing to do on a Friday night is wearing?
Way to go USA.
And to match Cananda? I mean, what is Canada?
And another thing - why wasn't the flag holder dressed up as a pilgrim? Or a turkey?