Q: What sitcom characters hung out that this place??????

So on Sunday afternoon I hopped on the R train, and traveled to the end stop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The neighborhood is predominately Russian and Italian. So basically that means that you have the Italians on one corner fretting about their cars, and on the other corner you have Russians huddled together lounging around on the sidewalk.
I generally liked the place. I liked that they all had carports. I liked the pizza made of fresh mozzarella & vodka sauce. I imagined that if I were to do NYC over again, I might have owned a car, and lived in Bay Ridge for a few months - maybe a year. I would have quietly commuted. I would have possibly dated one of those touchy Russians sitting in the corner lounges. The Italian would have been too bling bling for me - but the Russian would have been sweet. Anyway. After imagining my life in Bay Ridge, I shrugged my shoulders and got back on the train, to cross another End of the Line journey off my list.

A: Jack, Janet & Chrissy from Three's Company!!!