Yesterday after work I went to the Cynthia Rowley fashion show at the tents in Bryant Park. I have always wanted to attend a show there, and was completely star struck and ecstatic. The theme of the show was “Midnight Tea Party”.
Famous people that were there, or people that were getting attacked by paparazzi included:
Lizzie Grubman
This one chick from Goodfellas
John Bartlett
The new Bazaar editor
Naomi Watts
Steven Dorf
Anna Wintour
Jamie Gleitcher
Andre Leon Talley
And of course, a few people that I “recognized” but couldn’t pin down name-wise.

The show was incredible. I totally loved a couple of the skirts, and I vowed never to eat again.

Unfortunately I got hungry this morning, and broke down to eat breakfast.

After the show I grabbed after-party invites for me and my number one party girl Kat. Party was funny. We met two hot boys. Bobby and Shane. They are in a band that is playing on Thursday. Check out her site for deets.

Okay so here are my observations from my very first fashion show:

1. The models are skinnier in real life than they are on camera. I really didn’t find it all that appealing. The clothes didn’t fit properly, and for the most part, they were treated as mannequins. Some of the girls looked so sad and angry – I wanted to run up and give one of them a cookie. It was at times, actually painful to watch. They are so fragile – yet are made up to look so tough and powerful. These models need to eat. You can tell when a woman is naturally skinny, as opposed to starving unnaturally. Its all in the cheeks & eye expression. When someone is hungry, they are in turn SAD. I have yet to meet a starving happy person.

There was this celebrity being hounded by paparazzi; I recognized the guy - but could not place the name because of my lack of watching TV. He was definitely a TV guy; seemed a little “West Wing-ish”. So anyway, he is being snapped at, flashes everywhere. After he leaves to go retrieve something, the cameras are still facing the unknown date. The girl continued standing as she was with her celebrity boy, and there were like 2 flashes. Everyone stopped taking picture. Now, this girl was very attractive. There was no reason why she should not be famous too. But as I was watching, you could kind of see the rejection in her posture. She looked a little sad that the flashes stopped. Then I thought: “flashes must become addictive”. Who wouldn’t grow addicted to the goldmine of flashes coming at you from everywhere. So bright. Like finding gold. That was the only thing I could relate it to.