At first I was not scared of the bisexual Upper East Side attacker. James was. James brought home the Post and Daily News – giving daily reports on the latest attacks. I just kind of shrugged it off. "Well, I have already been robbed. Like they say - lighting doesn't strike the same place twice. Oh yeah, and I am strong. Knock on wood."
Anyway, the tables have turned. Last night I couldn’t sleep.
There must be a man with a knife on my fire escape.
Oh go back to sleep.
But when I go back to sleep, I dream about the man with a gun in my stairwell....

I have to ask myself why am I so all of a sudden scared?
The only logical explanation can be the fact that there are two cops to every block in my neighborhood. I should feel safe. But living with that is somewhat unsettling.
You get so used to two cops on every block, that when there is no cop for two blocks you start to worry.
Start to wonder.
Start to get new material for the dreams you will confront that night as you try to sleep and forget about the two cops on every block.
Two cops on every block.