Meet Jeff. The dude in my office that is running a 10K this weekend.

So anyway, I work with this kid named Jeff. Jeff is the guy that likes to tell people about this one time everyone was at the Kettle, and I downed pure Vodka. From time to time we will chat about sports. Well, okay we only chat about swimming and we chatted ONCE about working-out at gyms during lunch breaks – but to me that is talking sports. Another cool thing about Jeff is that he swam in college. Once at this bar, we got talking about swimming, and the next thing you know he is talking shop with my little swimmer-brother in Arizona. So like whatever. Jeff is cool. Jeff is a swimmer. Jeff is doing a 10K this weekend. I figure that is reason enough for interrogation. Here goes sumthin’

Q: So like, Jeff. Are you totally psyched to run a 10K this weekend?
A: I was until today. The weather sucks and my knee is bothering me today.

Q: Why are you running?
A: I am training for a marathon in April.

Q: Wow, what marathon?
A: Yeah. a friend did the philly marathon and kept getting on my case to do one with him. I had no intention of doing it until he said "P. Diddy and Oprah did them and you can't" That was the clincher. Now I'm racing and if I beat Oprah's time he buys dinner after the race.

Q: What are you going to wear?
A: Probably some wind breaker pants(not the pants with the snaps on the side...those suck) hat, gloves, and sweatshirt.

Q: Got any lucky charms?
A: I'm not superstitious about charms. I have more superstition about my routine before the race.

Q: What’s the routine? Jumpin Jax? Stretching? Spitting?
A: Stretching and how I feel when warming up and the music I listen too. I had more superstitions with swim races because I did them all the time.

Q: What do you eat the day of the big run?
A: A bowl of Frosted Flakes and a banana. Breakfast of champions.

Q: What do you think about when you run?
A: My mind wonders a lot. It could be anything from what I did last weekend to a conversation I had at work. I usually have the best runs when I can clear my mind and relax.

Q: Do you ever use the term "I am going to run out and get the groceries?"
A: No, I would say, "I'm running to the liquor store". Groceries are a different story

Q: What is your favorite brand running shoe?
A: New Balance, although I'm running in Nike now.

Q: pick one: swimming/running
A: That is a no-brainer. Swimming

Q: pdiddy/dudes from Kenya
A: P. Diddy had a good cause, but the dudes from Kenya are untouchable!

Q: volvic/dasani
A: Dasani

Thanks Jeff. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND !!!!!!!!!!
In closing I would like to present a picture of a man running in a Leopard print tarzan suit: