My Crushing State.

Tuesday nicht, Kat and I donned our traveling hats and crossed the Hudson. We went to the Bright Eyes/My Morning Jacket show that was held at the ancient Loews Cineplex. I crushed over Jim James as usual. He is my dream boy #1.

Anyway, the theatre still needs a lot of work. We were there for the very first concert! I was reading on the site, that if you would like to volunteer – click here and just show up on the weekends. Might be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon – followed up with old classics.

Over the course of the evening, I realized that in addition to Jim James, I am quite possibly crushing on New Jersey. I like a lot of things. You know, I keep trying to put into words how and why I started to crush over the Dime-Store-Whore – but everything either seems too wordy, or seems soo used.

I like the people. I like the people because every time I have been in Jersey – I have never felt like I had to prove myself. Everyone is pretty relaxed and accepting. I imagine this stems from them always getting the brunt of everything.
I like the tricked out Hispanics and their attention to cars.
The fat Italians and their fat cars.
The east coast valley girls – still using hairspray.
Jersey has seemingly real hippies.
Skinny kids. Seems like Jersey has more skinny kids.
The place is like a big sister that hates her parents.
I like the sloppiness. Its "backyard sloppy". Like when you were done with a day of playing outside, you go in for dinner, and before you take a bath – your mom starts yelling “Boys, Anise, Get outside and clean up that mess in the back yard!!!”
"But Mom, we're tired!"
"I don’t care! Get out side and clean up the mess you’ve made!"
So you go outside, and see the mess.
That’s New Jersey to me. A good 10 hours of playing mess.