On Wednesday Tasha sent a package of 4 brand-new hardcover books from her office, MacAdamCage Publishing. I have yet to check out the books, but the list of titles include:

Me and Orson Welles by Robert Kaplow
St. Ursula's Girls Against the Atomic Bomb by Valerie Hurley
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Above the Thunder by Renee Manfredi

So yeah, Tasha and I went to high school together in Alaska. We were both on the swim team. I called her Tasha Washa. She hated that nickname. I didn't.
Last summer, Tasha got married on a beach near her parent's cabin in Alaska. I didn't.
In the spirit of Valentines Day I have asked my Denver correspondent a few questions. Here's what went down.

Anise: So Tasha, why did you go off and get hitched on the beach?

Tasha: Getting married in a remote part of Alaska and forcing people unfamiliar with water into boats for the trip seemed much more exciting than getting married in a church in Denver.

A: Who's idea was it that your father "boat" you to the altar?

T: Actually, this entire escapade was engineered by our friends and neighbors Chris and Gigi Banas. (Chris is the dude laughing in the picture above) Jess, their daughter, took Blair (my sister) and I from their cabin to the beach in the skiff. They decorated it and named it "The Femme Boat" for the occasion.

A: Did yah see any whales?

T: The pinks (Salmon) were running and throughout the ceremony there were big fish splashes everywhere. It took every ounce of self control for most of the men there to focus on the wedding. Most Alaskans won't even eat that stuff.

A: What was the coolest gift that you received?

T: A loving, healthy, long-term relationship? Everyone knows about my problem with caffeine. The best gift was an espresso machine from my Aunt and Uncle in Colorado Springs.

L-R: Blair (Washa's sister), Tasha, Jason & Jason's twin bro.

Another present:

T: The morning before the wedding I was taking a group of guests halibut fishing on a boat I used to work on. Driving down to the harbor both twins (Jason has a twin bro.) were pulled over within 15 min. of each other. The speed limit in Homer is something ridiculous like 15. The officer was perplexed to say the least - and let us off as a wedding present from the State of Alaska.

A: So, how and when did you meet Jason?

T: We met in college. At the time, he was dating my roommate (here comes the drama) and Jason and I had one of those single credit, mandatory health classes called Human Sexuality together. I think this story can finish itself.

A: And how did you figure out that he was "the one"?

T: The first time he broke up with me. I didn't feel normal or happy to not have a life together.

A: Nice. How long were you guys engaged?

T: Six months - we had been dating for several years at that point.

A: And what are you two doing in Denver?

T: Herding sheep? I always wanted to head farther west after college but Jason has an identical twin brother living in Denver (two blocks from us) and they get separation anxiety easily. I work in publishing (does it exist outside of New York?) and Jason does some technical business job with spreadsheets, JDE, and excessive conference calls. I should know more but it makes me glaze over.

A: How funny, sounds a little like Chandler, and half the people in NYC !! So in parting, give us a closing wedding story:

T: We went to the Salty Dog (a saloon in Homer, AK) after the reception - Mom, Dad, friends - and we found a bag of pot on the floor. We were congratulating ourselves on the find until the next day when, in our sobriety, we realized it was herbal tea.

The tide, the bride, the groom.