I was reading an article about the dude who runs the offices of J.Crew. I am not interested in financial matters, unless it pertains to Pixar, J.Crew, or Macintosh. Those are the three companies that I would give my hard earned money – in hopes that they would give me more money in return. So anyway I was reading in WWD about the new president of J.Crew, and his ideas to turn the business around. The interviewer was walking around the office with him, writing about how he runs the office. She noted that as he walked through the break room – he smelled popcorn, and announced “ whomever has just made popcorn – please do this outside of the office; the smell is distracting to your coworkers.”

You think at this point that I am going to say “what a jerk! What a slimy corporate punk”??

Nope. I totally agree with him. Don’t make popcorn at the office. It makes me want popcorn. It makes me realize that I am at work, and not at the movies.

Basically, your popcorn makes me want to not sit here at my desk anymore.

Same goes for the reheated Chicken Marsala from last night's hot dinner date with the steady patient boyfriend of two years.