I'm quitting my day job.

So I go home after work yesterday, and notice strange flashing in my bedroom. I tiptoed in, thinking James had left some light on, and that we were in danger of a fire due to some fuse about to explode.

Walk further into my room.
Notice flashing is coming from outside my window.
Look out the window, and what do I see in the apartment across the way???

A real live porn session taking place!! OOH wow.

Apparently the broker is lending the place out to his buddies before the place gets taken.

Oh yeah - the place is up for grabs if anyone wants an apartment that has been broken in porn style.

The same broker gave me my apartment. I wonder what happened in my room before I was there???

In fact, now that I mention it - the same dude gave us our beds too!! No wonder he threw in the bedding for free!