This is from yesterday.
I just had a cool “Manhattan” experience. I went to the newly finished AOL Time Warner building at Columbus Circle. There was champagne, finger foods and best of all Manhattanites.

Every store smelled new. Borders smelled like crayon wax. Sephora smelled like new carpet. Jcrew smelled like dry cleaning. I felt the need to buy something. I went into Borders and purchased ‘A Love Supreme’ for 11.99 – 13-something with tax.

A cool thing about the opening was seeing the dirty booted construction workers mixed with the media snobs, talking about how they used to have to take turns going up and down escalators. How this buttress used to link to this skyramp. How Joey and Johnny used to eat lunch in that cafeteria for two years now. It felt rather chilly hearing all of that, because they spoke like construction workers speak of building the World Trade Center.

As I walked away from the building, I thought about all of the Manhattan scenes I have seen. This Time Warner scene made the “hipster” scene look so scattered and juvenile. Could one really enjoy sipping champagne, and wearing manolo’s as opposed to thrift store finds, and warm beer? Or is it all relatively the same?