Whew! This morning I got stuck in my building elevator. Kind of eventful since I was by myself, and I work on the 32nd floor in one of those big buildings that you see on T.V. when they show any kind of shot of New York City. So anyway. I am stuck. I stand there thinking about how I can make this day a nice day, since I might die.
So long story long.
I get out of the elevator.
I get back on the elevator to go to my floor. I sit at my desk and think about how I can make a difference. I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I plugged Wrigley's new Extra gum flavor "Wildberry Frost" today? So I decide to do that, and gave all the editors in editorial a stick of gum. So if I die today, I will be known as "the girl that was plugging Wrigley's new Extra flavor Wildberry Frost on Tuesday morning January 27th, 2004."