Script idea about how a anti-homeless lunatic becomes a DC Comics superhero.
A girl at Citibank is getting money early in the morning. A homeless guy calls out from a shadow:
“You got change?”
“Hey mister, I barely have change for myself.”
Then, as she is depositing 40 dollars cash in her delinquent account, she is overcome with guilt. She scoops up all her spare change, and drops it in his filthy palm
“You know, I am giving you part of my lunch money.”
The man does not really understand because he is kind of crazy
“Hey! Do you understand what I just said?? I am giving you my lunch money. We are all broke! Get a job! Get up! Get out! Get!”
Filled with rage, she is determined to solve the city homeless dilemma. Knowing that most homeless people are too psycho for work, yet too sane for a mental ward, she concludes that the only way they will properly be “taken care of” is in jail.
She starts moonlighting as an underground criminal.
She begins setting up all of these random crimes – framing various homeless people. She thinks of herself as some type of Robin Hood. Slowly the homeless population dwindles, and DC Comics hear about the girl through their underground crime contact (how else do they know about superheroes??).
The girl is offered a chance to be immortalized in DC Comics. So she quits her day job, and vows to stay underground.
Just what DC wanted. They make the comic. The comic is a success.
The girl is never seen or heard from again – the homeless population stays dramatically low, and it is rumored that she is receiving DC Comics royalties upwards of 12 billion a year. There has also been talk of her dating Batman.
And that would be the story about how a superhero – as delusional as the superhero works, is made.